Learn a Marketable Skills

The world Economy is going down every single day, many who were employed before are loosing their jobs, even those who have job find it difficult to get anything left at the end of the month, millions are out there who never get any job.

Our Father owns Wealth and must apply it as His children. Yes, we build Faith, but that Faith without work is dead, is the same Faith you will use to be successful in any work you are doing, just make sure you are not lazy. 

This is our Plan

We are adding business skills on Original Plan for people to learn one skill or the other. This has nothing to do with Original Plan founders or any editor to be the teacher. They can only be when they are qualify

You and I are still needed in this area. We have may children of God who are succeeding in many area of life and who are ready to teach us in order to reduce poverty in our.

These are the people we will be inviting for Video live training.

These set of people are into:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Movie Making (Cinematography)
  • Fashion
  • Marketing
  • Farming
  • Art Making
  • Web Development/Graphics
  • Online Marketing
  • Etc

Many many more would be added in future. We are starting with the one we can absolutely do online because of the present pandemic. Many people are going digital to attract more clients

God can use you also in any of these area…. Though we are trying our best to reach people to come and lecture us, but the truth is we may not know what you can teach us if you don’t write us. Feel free to use our contact us page and tell us about yourself and what we can learn from you, a proper research will be carried out to know if you are qualify and we will invite you to our live program as our teacher

You Want God to Use You For This Vision?