Faith Experience Interview With KSO

Faith Experience Interview With KSO

Faith Experience of Evangelist Kolade Segun Okeowo.

Presenter: Oluwafemi Ezekiel



What is your own Understanding of Faith sir



From personal definition, faith is the ability to see what others are not seeing. Faith is the strength to believe that what you have conceived is possible and achievable!!!

However, we must have this understanding.

Having Faith does not make you a Christian !!!

There are people who believe the wrong thing and have faith was in it

The little Suicide bomber who pulled a time bomb to kill hundreds is acting on faith !

Adolf Hitler was acting on faith when he killed 6 million Jews.

So we must distinguish

The Faith we are talking about is using the power of faith as described above to bring to pass God’s plan on earth



When was the first time you applied Faith in your life and how was the experience then



Stepping into full time ministry in 1994 was my first major act of faith.

It seemed a very foolish decision then.

I just finished my MSc in International Relations and graduated with a B+.

The ambition was to join the Nigerian Diplomatic Corps before the burden for Drama Evangelism came

It was hard convincing my parents. But before they died, they celebrated my decision

Determine What God Would Have You Do


Please, what is your experience so far in Having Faith in God


Like I said earlier Genuine Faith must be in tandem with Gods plan and purposes.

I have discovered that faith can be used on three platforms….

1. To pursue Gods agenda

2. To pursue personal and life achievements

3. To achieve evil objectives

The first two are acceptable while the third must be discarded

Thus we must genuinely ask…

The faith am applying..

What am out to achieve ?

1. Gods agenda

2. Personal and life achievements

3. Evil objectives

1. Gods agenda
Moses is a good example. His faith worked with God to achieve Gods plan for His people.

2. Personal and life achievements.
Great men abound around us who used faith to achieve personal life goals. The Dangotes, Bill Gates, Barrack Obamas etc of this World had faith.

3. Evil objectives
Adolf Hitler too had faith. Osama Bin Ladin and Shekarau of Boko Haram all had faith.

Therefore, the greatest application of faith is when you know the mind of God and work according to it

My faith experience has been bumpy


Have you ever had reason(s) to doubt your faith in God before? Probably, something you trust God so much for but didn’t come through. What did you do when it seems that your Faith in God failed you then?


Of course I have had faith on some issues that never worked out

As I grew, I have come to discover that God does not have to give me every thing I want or ask

This is because I sometimes work in faith thinking that is what God wants only to discover I was seeing men like trees

I have also discovered that my timing may nor be in tandem with Gods plan

So when Faith works it is a combination of my availability, belief and Gods right timing all must work together

There are times God puts our dreams and visions on hold for several reasons

At such times, faith appears not to work.

The error many commit at this stage is to insist that God must do it or find alternatives

I have learnt never to pray such prayers like GOD MUST DO IT !!!!

That’s dangerous!!!

Many Great Men of God had messed their destinies because they could not decipher the hold that God is putting on their dreams

Habakkuk 2:2-3 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

Some Young preachers have started premature ministries in the name of faith because they saw dreams…

Not every dream is meant for immediate accomplishment

I have learnt to take things easy and wait for divine accomplishments !!!



(There are many people out there expecting something from God for a long time but don’t believe God can do it again) Sir Can you please advise them in 3-5 minutes. Maybe by using your personal experience


Moses dream was kept on hold to protect his life. There are many things God wants to take away from us while keeping dreams on hold. Don’t be in a hurry when He is dealing with you !!!

Stop saying time is going….

That’s is only applicable if God has spoken and you’re delaying..

He is not in a hurry…. When He kept Moses in Pharaohs palace, He waited for 40 years.

When Moses was not done.

He sent him to The International College of Wilderness and Human Relations !!!

With God….Delay is NOT denial !!!

Wait !

For Moses, it was anger that Hod wanted to deal with….!!!!

Those forty years in the wilderness with sheep and goats was to take anger away from him.

He might not have needed those 40 years with sheep and goats in the wilderness if he had stayed patiently at the palace.

Take it easy!

General Questions From Audience


I have this question sir: when you started the ministry fully sir. Is there any day you are like why did I even go into this thing shef. If yes
How did you handle it that you still stay till now?


Oh yes. A few times, I felt like quitting…. There were contrary situations that seemed too critical.

But God used my father in The Lord Evang Bamiloye and my Wife SSO to encourage me on those occasions


Thank you very much sir, my question is,
how did you know that this is your wife when you first met her?


😂😂😂😂 The conviction did not come when I first met her. But I liked her. The conviction came several weeks later.


Sir, the first time I saw you physically was at the city of talent(Awo Jesu community).

My question is when you took a step of going for Ogun state house of assembly, what was people reaction about it? And what can a Christian that want to go into politics do to bee successful there?


😂😂😂😂 Haaaaa

Long topic. Plenty to talk about. But, I have gathered plenty of experience in this regard. Plans are under way to start a Believers Political Academy soonest


My question is not totally relating to faith
But I want to know how Daddy has managed both his ministry and his political career without undue influence from both


Focus!!! Knowledge of what I came to do in politics helped a lot !!!

Thank God I was a bit financially independent before I went in to politics.

Ministry and politics have worked for.

Full details when the political academy comes


How did you handle the situations when your faith seemed not be producing the desired results?


I had come to this conclusion….

There are things I must do…. There are things only God can do!



My Question is this: Why are Christian men of today not ready to take the leap of faith, so many sisters have been grooming themselves for their vision..only to realize their spouses don’t have the capacity to accommodate their visions..and as such their vision gets watered down…going into full time ministry is hard for men today, is our days different from yours..even the ones with powerful visions are Money conscious, nobody wants to suffer…How can they be helped..if one tries to make them see it, then you may hear wisdom is required…cos I see a lot of sisters with vision but are scared of it surviving in marriage?.. Pls help out


Nothing is different between now and then. Even then, there were people who were scared of doing Gods work. Many of my colleagues then turned back. As I speak, people are making decisions for God. The understanding of full time ministry might have changed over the years.


My question is this sir after my youth service in oyo state 2013 move down to my state and I seek job in two place one n Abuja in salary 40k per month and another one in one town in my state salary 45k I chose the one of 45k in town in my state because I believe I can’t cope with salary of 40k n Abuja .after years thing are not working the way I expected no promotion in area of my life with even with my fasting and prayer.


First thing in life is to determine what God would have you do. Other decisions of life must be taken to revolve around your God given visions


Stepping into full time ministry in 1994, was it as single or married?


I was single. But my fiancée was fully in support


I sir use to asked my self some question but no reply for it am sorry the question may look some kind sir but pls say it (BECAUSE ABRAHAM HAVE FAITH, HE BECAME GOD’S FRIEND……. NOW IS THERE CAN WE SEE SUCH FAITH. AGAIN SIR)


The faith required from Abraham is not the same required from you. God won’t measure you with Abraham. Be faithful in your little corner!

God won’t measure you with Abraham


One of pastor pray for me he said unless I move out the town to Abuja be4 I fulfill my destiny since then I have been apply for job in Abuja have not see job what I can do sir


The truth is you have not discovered yourself. What you need first is not the job but self discovery. Job should be secondary. Having discovered what God wants me to be, I have ventured in to several other things…
farming, educational, politics, property investment etc


My question is:How do you manage to actualize your dreams one after the other without fail sir, I know that God is first but on a human note from your angle sir(I say the advert of your estate at the last ANCEDRAM national conference and I was inspired sir)


God has blessed us human beings with maximum capacity. The greatest genius ever lived has only used 7% of his capacity. That’s tells you how much God has invested in us. Dangote is not a Christian yet he manages over 100 companies….

So, what have done?

Nothing really!!!!


That is the end of today’s Program

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Oluwafemi Ezekiel


Evang. Victor Kolade Ayodeji Segun-Okeowo (KSO) was born on Tuesday, 26th of January 1971 in Sagamu, Ogun State. His father was the famous Student Union Leader and activist, Akogun Maikel Olusegun Okeowo (1941-2014) who led the most popular students’ uprising in Nigeria’s history in 1978; “Ali Must Go” His mother, Deaconess Alice Kemi Okeowo who retired as a Matron from The Teaching Service of Ogun State, was a caterer.

He attended The Children Home School, Quarry Road, Abeokuta, The All Saints Anglican Primary School, Ado-Odo both in Ogun State Nigeria for his Nursery and Primary education respectively.

He completed his primary education at The Local Government Primary School, Ijagba Sagamu in 1981 and began his secondary education immediately at the Makun High School, Sagamu. The desire for better education took him to the prestigious Mayflower School, Ikenne in 1983 while in class three.

At Mayflower, he excelled greatly; graduating in 1986 as the Best Student in the Arts Class with six distinctions and got The Dr. Tai Solarin Award for Excellence.

He immediately proceeded to the Ogun State University (now Olabisi Onabanjo University) to study History. He graduated with honours in 1990. He was posted to Ondo State for the compulsory one year Youth Service. He served at Akure and Igbara-Oke in Ondo State.

In 1992, immediately after the Youth Service, he got a Post Graduate admission at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife to study for a Masters Degree Programme in International Relations and graduated in 1997.

He therefore holds a first degree in History of Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye (1990) and a Masters Degree (International Relations) of O.A.U, Ile-Ife since 1997.

At Ile-Ife, KSO became a born again Christian on the 11th of March, 1992; during a programme held on the Main Bowl of the University Sports’ Centre where Pastor E.A Adeboye ministered.

He thereafter joined The Christ Ambassadors Students Outreach (CASOR) and immediately grew rapidly in the things of God. Within six months, he had been appointed a Student Missionary attached to one of the new churches under the parent church of CASOR; The Assemblies of God Church.

At The Assemblies of God Church, Aderemi Road, Ile-Ife, he got in contact with the Mount Zion Faith Ministries and attended the 3rd Course of the Christian Drama Institute. From there, he was to cut his first teeth of Christian drama and moviemaking. He thereafter went into the gospel drama ministry, film-making and private enterprise.

Today, KSO, is a screen playwright, actor, producer, director and experienced professional of over two and a half decades. His first film was released in 1994. Since then, he has made over 35 films under the umbrella of The Christoline Ministries and Zionstones Media both of which he has presided over from November 1993 and January 1999 respectively. Apart from that, he has featured in more than 100 gospel films as an actor and directed/produced over 50 other titles.

In 1997, he was the pioneer Secretary General of the All-Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM) an association of gospel dramatists in Nigeria, which he later became the President of in 2009 and a member of the Council of Elders in 2011.

He is the Provost of the Christoline Film Academy; which has since year 2000 trained over 600 students in the art of film-making. He is the CEO of Zionstones Media and the initiator of the first ever Christian Film Village in Nigeria, The Zionstones Film Village, behind the Redemption Camp, Simawa, Ogun State.

He has, apart from his academic qualifications, attended several local and international seminars, symposia, workshops and film festivals. In addition to acting and directing; KSO, as he fondly called; runs a multimedia studio.

He is married to Adesunmbo, a Princess from Ile-Ife and they are blessed with five children; three boys and two girls.

He and his wife, Sunmbo are marriage counsellors. They organise a quarterly Couples’ Fellowship tagged “House on the Rock Couples’ Fellowship” and a youth workshop; “Gistin’ With Singles”

KSO is the director of a family life TV drama series “House on the Rock” which shows on AIT, STV, TVC, LTV, Dove Vision, MZTV, RTV and several online platforms. He is also the arrowhead of a Couples Reality TV Show; “Beyond the Honeymoon”

In the political sphere, KSO is an active player. He believes in the active participation of Christians in politics as a major panacea to Nigeria’s myriads of problems. He is a staunch member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party since the year 2009.

He contested under the party twice for a seat in the Ogun State House of Assembly in 2011 and 2015. He also served as The Coordinator of The Goodluck/Sambo Campaign Organisation (Sagamu Local Government) in 2015.

He was from April 2016 until August 23, 2017 the PDP Party Chairman in Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State. He was appointed a member of The State Caretaker Committee of the party and served from August to November 2017.

He was also Chairman of The PDP Reconciliation Committee in Sagamu LG between December 2017 and February 2018 and a former Aspirant for the Ogun State House of Assembly, Sagamu constituency 2. He is currently The Coordinator of The Atiku Campaign Organisation in Sagamu LGA of Ogun State.

A winner of the 2018 Gold Excellence Award for Leadership held in July 2018 at The Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, he is the Convener of The Advocates for Right Leadership Association a.k.a Believers in Politics; an NGO currently involved in political sensitisation and advocacy.

A Statesman of the Man O’ War Club, KSO has also attended The Special Supernumerary Police Officers’ Training Programme at the Nigeria Police Training School, Ikeja, Lagos.

KSO, a prolific speaker and writer is the Editor/Publisher of The Christian Movieworld Magazine and author of several books including; “Good Script…Good Film”; “Why Men Marry Two Wives” “Marriage: an Hospital (In print) and “The Believers’ Portion in Politics”(In print)

KSO also has massive interests in real estate developments, farming and educational management. He is the initiator of The Zionstones Film Village, a 29 acre Estate devoted to film shooting and related activities behind Redemption Camp in Simawa Ogun State. He is also the Executive Director of Goldmind Schools, a junior level educational institution in Simawa, Ogun State.

He is currently a Doctoral Student of Political Science at The University of Ibadan.

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