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Are we really ready for the change we want?

We are living in a country where with bad leaders who doesn’t value the life of human being. In fact, they can go as far as using the blood of their family member to get to hold of power.

Every normal thing has now become abnormal and every abnormal is now considered normal. WHY ARE WE HERE?

Some weeks ago, I went to the market to get some foods stuffs, as I was about to leave I remember I didn’t have tomato paste again and I need it that very day, I check my wallet to see if I still have money but what’s left there was just hundred naira and I used to buy 2 rolls which is 10 pieces (Gino tomato paste)

I had no option than to buy only one and come back to buy later, I bought one for #50 and the third day I went back to the market thinking that I will buy the roll for #230 as usual. On getting there they said one now cost #100, I opened my mouth and could not close it. I went back home angrily, how can price of paste changed by 100% within 24 hours?

A friend of mine said since she has relocated to US three years ago, the price of what she used to buy has never change, there is nothing like getting to the market and they will tell you the rice you bought for #7,000 last month is now #35,000 there is nothing like the 5 litters of kerosene you used to buy for #70 is now selling for #700, there is nothing like the NEPA bill rise from #500 to #35,000 with 3 hours light a week.

Thieves everywhere…. Do I blame them? There is no job in the country and they thought that is the only way to survive. You can’t move with the money in this country.

I remember my grandmother told me sometimes ago that there was a time you can open your door and travel and nobody will enter your house to steal something, if you want to buy thing just go to where they are selling it, pick it and drop your money because the price is already there.

But now, open your door and go out for 5 minutes, it will be as if they come with trailer to pack your load.

We have bad leaders and we’ve been having it for decades now, this started ever before Buhari but got worse under this administration.


End sars buhari president

The question should be: why are things like this for years? The answer is because we don’t want to die, nobody is ready to lead and confront the leaders because we are afraid of death.

If our forefathers have understanding that this country will still be the same for years, they would have confronted these people.

Though I’m a small boy, the same way I looks at it may not be from your side. I have been hearing the same names as leaders since I was a small boy. Those who know the history or lives in Kwara state, you are used to Saraki, those in Lagos, you are used to Tinubu, those are just few examples of all these corrupt leaders we have in Nigeria and I know is the same in all the states. Is it that we don’t have other family in this country who can mount those leadership position?

When they want to run for any post, they will come to our villages, not even town alone, but small villages because they want to buy our destiny for another four years. We will wait for them for the whole days even more than a day, they will give us sweet words like; We will make water available, we will construct roads, we will employ people etc. As If that is not their responsibility as a leader, just tell the poor man that you will make those things available you will see him crawling on the floor to praise you.

Despite that all these is their right and they even promised again to make us vote them, they will still not do it. They will come back again when their four years is about to end and then, they will do 2km by 2km roads in some local government (Fake that will spoil in less than a year) just because they need your vote again and they will give us #500 to buy our destiny again.


Well…. I have been talking to leaders, let me talk to you and let me talk to myself and at the same time talk to the church.

Two days ago, I went to the market to buy a paint of beans (Ewa oloyin) I have asked inquire the price a day before and its being sold for 1400. On getting there the follow day Lagos State Government announce curfew the guy told me it’s now #1800. I was angry, seriously angry… I asked when was the last time did he go to the market to get new market? he said two weeks ago. Why did the price changed within 24 hours, I asked? He said because there is no way he can go and buy another because of the curfew.

New Nigeria End Bad Governance

Is that your reason for increasing cost ? Why are we like this in this country? We want our leaders to change but we are not ready to change. Will any of those leaders come to your shop to buy, is it not the same poor people who will buy from you?

Why are you making life difficult and unbearable to your fellow?
We would plant the same problem to our children lives and these children are the leaders of tomorrow, and when they get to one position tomorrow, they will park all the money belong to the country and go to Dubai to build companies for their unborn great grandchildren, they will open accounts to many countries and filled it with millions of dollars. Why you yourself is not ready to change why are you blaming the government?

Please, help me ask the person beside you, “Why are we here?” I said am attending RCCG you said my church will not make heaven because we use jewelries. The great judge; So, God told you that wearing jewelries. will not allow you to enter heaven?

You said my church is not fulfilling God’s purpose because is wrong to be going to church…. Haaaaa… You have problem and you are not ready to change

I paid my tithe you said am giving my pastor money to buy jet and travel around, is it your money? Am still paying it because I know and understand the benefit of paying it. Help me ask alakori, how much has he ever contributed in his church. If your pastor is using your tithe and offering to buy jet how many years you and your great grand family will paid as tithe and offering to buy one jet?

The Religion leaders are now the talk of the day. You talk to someone who is old enough to be your granpa, a pastor for that matter and you think God will be smiling and say; good boy my son? Didn’t you know that you are blocking your future success?

It’s not your work to judge, let God do the work. That’s why we need to look unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith. If your pastor did something wrong you don’t need to come to social media and start shouting and let people start mocking your God, behave like a matured person for once. These people are human being and they are not like angel. In fact! they are facing temptation one million times than you because the devil knew once they fall thousands will follow them

Lekki Toll Gate killing End Sars

Words of truth is not in us again, even is some of our churches we can’t find true talk. If church is not ready to change it will be difficult for this country to change. Who is the church? Is it not you and I?

I remember some years ago, if you travel and you are stranded in a place, you will just locate any church to pass the night and no one will question you. Can that happen today? If I hear…. Even in my church you can’t just hold any program without proper permission from your pastor or your unit is well known in the church. (All those children who fear God and cannot steal anything that belong to God are now sons and daughter of devil who doesn’t have the fear of God in them again. Even on Sunday service if you are not careful, they can steal your head away from your body)


Of a truth, our leaders are bad but we are baddest…. What we are doing to ourselves is worst than what our leaders are doing to us. Jesus come to save sinners and that sinners crucified Him.

Even on social media we are not ready to change. Some days ago, someone invited me to like his ministry page, I checked the person profile and I don’t really know the person, I determined not to like it. Abeg, what caused me to like his page? It will not reduce my data; it will not affect me in anyway because I checked his page and he is preaching gospel which I know.

Here on social media, we have people we follow, we have people we use to comment on their post, we have people we use to share their post and even call and say; I love that your write up. I have determined not to like some people’s post again because they never like mine and we are friend, even some that I called baba’s, but I changed my mind when I realized it doesn’t cost me #0 to do so.

When your friend on social media is talking about Jesus you claimed you are serving and you can’t like it, is it when he is talking about Ogun or irunmole that you will give him thump up? ARE YOU READY TO CHANGE UNCLE?

Am not here to judge us, am here to tell us to prepare for change from our level before we expect change from leaders because it’s obvious, we are not ready for that change. If the leaders are ready to change and we are not ready the change will not happen. Reason is because the leaders will give you job to do to make change in your community and you will spend the money and do the work that will spoil in few months

Prayer is very good but action will make prayer work. When you pray from morning to night and still have bad habit your prayers cannot work. When you have someone, who is very hungry and you have more than enough but cannot give your prayer is an abomination

We all want NEW NIGERIA but the NEW US must happen before new Nigeria. NEW OLUWAFEMI must happen before the NEW NIGERIA so that the old Oluwafemi will not spoil the NEW NIGERIA…

Remember change begin from you? Change with prayer will give us New Nigeria and we will be happy to enjoy it…

I am not writing this word for you to like me but for you to start thinking on how to change. If you read it to the end am sure your friends will love to read it too because if you change and your friends and family doesn’t change, they will corrupt you again.

DO yourself a favour by sharing it with your friends and family. This is where your change start and start from here now so that we will know that you are ready to change…


Thank you for reading this


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