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Presenter: Please, join me and welcome Mrs. Oluwabunmi Bamitale our special guest for tonight πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Mrs. Bunmi Bamitale

There is a lie that is being told many people when they are being preached to

That lie is….

…Once you give your life to Christ, all your problems are over

Oh my!

That is a wrong notion.

In fact, the moment you give your life to Christ, your test of faith has just begun.

In this life, we shall pass through trials, but the Bible admonishes us to be of good cheer, for He has overcome the world.

Our Theme is ‘Walking the walk of Faith’.

Sub-topic: Trading the wordly comforts for heavenly treasures.

2 Corinthians 5 vs 7
Romans 12 vs 2
Romans 9 vs 15-17
Romans 8 vs 35-39

The moment you give your life to Christ, you have started on your journey to trading the worldly comforts for heavenly treasures.

Your decisions are no longer powered by you.

To live is Christ
To die is gain.

Scripture explains that Christians must “walk by faith, not by sight”
(2 Corinthians 5:7).

It can be difficult to know what a walk of faith requires, though.

What my walk of faith will require may be different from what your walk of faith will require.

For the purpose of this discussion, I will be using voice note at intervals.

It is this individual walk of faith that we call ‘on the job training’.

We are being tested with different things; a rich man will not be tested with money.

Whichever way our walk of faith takes, we should be confident that we are conquerors.
Looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith.

Exodus 33 vs 19b says “I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.”

It was the mercy of God that delivered me and found me out when I was lost.

I was born into a polygamous white garment family, Cherubim & Seraphim to be precise.

My father was a prophet and church head and my mum a prophetess. I loved swirling around in my Sutana as a child.

When we were so young, I was 3+ and my younger brother, 1+ when my mum divorced my father.

This made us to relocate to Ibadan as my mum got herself transfered as a teacher from Ile-Ife, then of Oyo State.

She later remarried another man who also attends Cherubim and Seraphim church. This made us to relocate from Iwo Road to Eleyele.

We began to attend my step Father’s church, meanwhile my mum didn’t like the promiscuous way of life of many of the children in the church. This made her to allow us to attend churches with our neighbours.

First Deeper Life Church, then Baptist Church, then CAC, then a Save & Serve Christ Family Church. It was in these churches that the seed of salvation was being down gradually.

I became a Little more serious with Christ at Save & Serve church but not really committed.

I didn’t know I’ve been joking with Christ until I got admission to higher Institution. I saw that my heart was not made up for Christ and I decided to enjoy campus life to the fullest, not knowing that I was playing into the 😈 devil’s hands.

In the first semester of my first year in school, I attended no fellowship, skipped classes and my scores were low. I ended up with a low G.P and this got me thinking.

On July 15th, 1997, second semester of my first year in school, I gave my life to Christ at Foursquare Students Fellowship. It was a great experience.

I became so hot for God and started praying for the salvation of my parents and people around me.

I got persecuted at home because I refused to attend white garment church with them as I’ve been doing occasionally.
Many times I went late to Church because of my parents. But I didn’t give up.

After I gave my life to Christ, I became so brilliant as I gave my best to my studies and started taking fellow students tutorials, especially on Statistics.

I refused to bribe lecturers or cheat during examinations and my results became a testimony as it rose to a very high G.P.

I stopped bathing in rivers, praying with candles, salt, honey, etc. I stopped wearing sutanna and I stopped taking alcoholic drinks like palm wine and Bacchus which I see as not being bad before.

I also stopped using mixed soap and stopped praying with Psalms. (There’s more to these. Marine spirits are involved.)

Those so called ‘Holy names’ are names of demons. (Names like; Eli Alaurajah, Eli Robikah, etc)

As children of God, we are superior to angels.

We shouldn’t be worshiping them.
Woe unto them that worship the host of heavens(omo Ogun orun). Says the Bible.

When white garment closes a door for you, be prepared to face a Gate after.

Those prophets will not want you to be without problems so that they will not go out of business.

That’s by the way. There’s more to it.

Let’s continue..

My marriage: A test of faith.

Ever since I was very young, in primary school, whenever I ponder on the life of my mum and the challenges she was facing in her marriage, because she had no child for her new husband, I always pray in my heart for a husband that will give me peace.

I would say “God, I’m not after money or beauty, I only want a man that would give me peace.”

As a young girl, I said, “Even if he is blind, or lame, I do not mind. I just want peace.”

Thank God my husband is neither blind nor lame, however, I got peace in our union.

Having a prophetess as a mother didn’t help me one bit, she believed in you bringing names of men and she would pray and tell you the best.

I was not ready for that as I’ve been praying for my husband-to-be even before I met him. (I had better understanding of how to pray for marriage after I gave my life to Christ).

When my husband came, I was not ready for marriage. We were first friends. When he proposed, It was a total NO from me. Though I was already 22, he is a trained sculptor and plays different musical instruments but I didn’t like him.

I shared with some of my brethren then at Christ Life Church and they encouraged me to pray about it. I did prayed and bafter a while I heard from God and his love started to grow in my heart.

The confirmations from God made me to say yes to him and that was after I’ve informed my Pastor.

When my mum got to know, she was like, why didn’t I bring his name for prayers and stuff like that. But I told her that God had spoken to me about him.

In 2003, we got married and the trial started.




It is important for a couple to have same understanding about the walk of faith.

No party should compromise.

Compromise will affect a lot of things and solutions would not be forthcoming.

Our job challenges-

As talented as my husband was, being a graduate of Fine & Applied Art, he couldn’t get a good job.

I also couldn’t get a good job.

We had to settle for teaching jobs at neighbouring private primary schools. It was a tough time.

By the time we had our second daughter, we nearly called paper money. Our landlord evacuated us from his house claiming that he wanted to use our apartment to raise fowls. It was a trying time.

We do trek kilometres to church on Sundays and mid-week services, because my husband was the worship team leader at that time.

We got no help from family members, friends and even the church. It was like the entire world was against us.

Before our stipends were paid, we would have incurred debt that would gulp it on arrival. At times, we would be searching the pockets of my husband’s clothes in case we would find any forgotten money. There was a day we found #10 (Ten Naira), we were so happy that I quickly ran to buy #5 pap and #5 sugar. Just to prepare for the children. We would have forgotten that we were hungry.

Hmmmm, remember we are both graduates.

At a point, I started trying my hands on everything, beadmaking, hairdressing, MC, decorations, etc. Just to keep body and soul together.

This led to people calling me ‘Mrs Polytechnic’.

Jack of all trade, master of ‘all’.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

After we were served the quit notice by our Landlord, we started searching for accommodation without having any bank account and we had no savings. On one of our days of seeking God’s face for accommodation, God promised to give us accommodation without for free!

How He would do it, we couldn’t fathom, but we kept on with the search. Lo and behold, God favoured us just as He had said, we got accommodation in Bodija Estate without paying a dime! There we lived for 2 years.

Mind you, it was like God just kept us there to silence the devil over the issue of accommodation, but our financial challenge was not solved.

Please note:

The examination of life has no ‘Timetable’.

Don’t postpone yours.

Face it when you can and be bold about it..

Everyone will write it.

It is in different forms and the earlier the better for you to pass it.

The temptations:

Being an artist and a good one at that, one day my husband was approached by a man who felt a great pity for us and he was told to sculpt a particular image, that a herbalist will take the image and work on it, that it would be given back to my husband and whoever sees the artwork will always want to make something like it.
This has it’s own terms and conditions which are not godly.

My husband refused and we continued in our faith in God’s intervention.

It was money ritual in disguise.

Watch out!

Don’t be lured by the devil.

It is better to die wretched than go to hell.

Hallelujah Temptation:

When my mum and step father couldn’t take it anymore, they sent for me. My stepfather then looked at me with contempt and said, “I love you so much and I can no longer bear to see you suffer. As I’m looking at you, I know it’s either you’ve been doing 1 – 0 – 1, 0 – 1 – 1, 1 – 1 – 0, or even 0 – 0 – 1. See, I’ve gone to see a herbalist on your behalf and he has told us the sacrifice you will make and things will be fine. I have decided not to do the sacrifice on your behalf, you have to do it yourself.”

He said “Don’t deceive yourself with “God will do it” that you people say, heaven only helps those who help themselves (not scriptural).

He said, “Do you know the meaning of Hallelujah?” I said “No”.

He said “After service when people shout Hallelujah, what they mean is that everybody is now free to ‘ya’ (seek powers) from anywhere they like”

He said, “I know you are stubborn, but you have to do this. This is borne out of our love for you. You do not need to tell your husband. At least, you only have two children for him. You are free to remarry whoever is comfortable.”

I thanked him and I left. I cried till I got home, went naked in my room and told God about the humiliation. That they are trying to reproach God. That since God was there and He heard everything my stepfather said, He should prove himself mighty in our case.

In all these we held on to our faith in God.

It was so much that we decided not to have any child during the period. We later had our 3rd child in 2009.

When the devil saw that he could not get us down with financial issues, he introduced health challenges in that same 2009.

We began another fight of faith over our first daughter.

Health challenge: Another test of faith.

Our first daughter has always been lovely and healthy, she had never had any cause to be hospitalized before that time in 2009.

Suddenly, she fell sick for some days and we were treating her for malaria until the frontal part of her head began to swell up!

We were confused, we had no bank account and no money kept anywhere. We took her to see a family doctor friend who advised us to take her to UCH immediately.

That was the beginning of a seven year journey in UCH over the same child.

She was diagnosed of ‘Bi-frontal epidural abscess due to sinusitis’. Caused by blocked sinuses with high level of infection.

We got to UCH with less than #1000 and we spent close to a million naira by the time she was discharged in November 2009.

She had a borehole drilling of the skull at both sides in order to drain the abscess that had gone into the brain.

She also had her nose opened and stiched back for proper cleaning of the sinuses.

It was a turbulent time for us. God raised people for us. We were able to pay for the 2 CT scans, the surgery (being done by neurosurgery, maxillofacial and ENT departments).

At this time, our faith got stronger, we composed many songs while in the hospital. Ibukun became a testimony, God used us for other people and she was later discharged.

We thought it was all over not knowing that it has just begun.

After her discharged, she was placed on constant ‘steam inhalation’.

In December 2011, the devil struck again and we just saw that her forehead started swelling from the point of last stich of surgery. It was the period of fuel subsidy and everything was on standstill as medical personels were on strike. There was also no movement.

We were managing her at home and she was in serious pain. We managed to get some antibiotics but they didn’t help.

At a point the head started to discharge and the odour was very offensive. As a particular point of swelling is subsiding another one would start.

At a point, on touching her forehead, it was as if there was no bone again in some parts of the skull.

Subsidy strike was called off in January ending and we immediately rushed her to UCH.

After CT scan, it was discovered that there was no absess in the brain but they had to open the upper part of her two eyes and also rewash the sinuses.

To cut the long story short, we went through the surgery and she was later discharged after a tube was inserted into her right nostril to the base of her right eye and tied at the tip. This we were told will not make that major sinus to block again.

She was with this tube in her nostril for about 5 weeks before we took her for removal, only to discover that she had ‘post surgery complications’ in her nose.

She had to undergo another minor surgery to correct this.

In all, we didn’t lose our faith in God.

Lo and behold, in September 2015, the devil raised his ugly head again!

This same child started complaining of pain in her left foot. We didn’t even take her serious until the foot started swelling and the pain became unbearable.

We took her for X-ray and there was no fracture, only soft tissue swelling.

At a point when she couldn’t bear to walk with the left leg again, we had to take her to the same UCH that we detest so much.

She had two surgeries again.

First one is Debrimore (scraping off dead flesh from the foot)

Weeks later she had ‘Skin Graft’. (Part of the skin on her thigh was cut off to cover her foot). This was like 2-in1.

In all we came out victorious!

At some point, people refused to visit us in the hospital, claiming that ‘Aye nse wa'(we were cursed) and they do not want to partake in the curse.

That girl now has grown so beautiful and is a saxophonist.

My job is stable

And my husband is now a staff of Obafemi Awolowo University. (A job he got miraculously, without any human connection but God’s)

Since, we have been comforting others with the comfort that we were comforted.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivered him from them ALL.

Thank you so much for the privilege once again.

My mum and step father are still alive and they had and still seeing God’s wonder in our lives.

At a point a friend of my mum called her and asked why she wanted to give her daughter to an ordinary ARTIST.

That they are not always rich.

Presenter: Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! This is wonderful, the teaching plus Faith Experience. Thank you very much ma, we really appreciate


Questions From The Audience


God Bless you for this ma,

Please ma, when you have like 4 different man approaching you and asking your hands in marriage and you keep praying but didn’t get any revelation from God and you are over 30 what can you do ma?

Mrs. Oluwabunmi Bamitale

Beautiful question..

Now, let me start with this.

How have you been hearing God on little matters?

I always admonish single sisters to learn to hear God on simple things like, cloth to wear, food to eat, to go out or not, etc.

If you do not learn to hear God on simple things, hearing God on issues like life partner will not be so easy.

Also, God speaks to us in different ways;

Inner witness
Confirmation from others.
Confirmation from the word of God.

Be still, clear your mind.

And seek the face of God sincerely.

Your life partner is closer than you think but many times we are blinded by many factors.

Wait in God, do not look at the Biological clock of life.

He makes everything beautiful in it’s time



Ma, what was your attitude towards your husband during the time you had nothing? Were you still total obedience to him or there was a little change of your attitudes?

Mrs. Oluwabunmi Bamitale

πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Beautiful. If I had reacted to him negatively, I may not be in his house today.

Do you know that at some point, we lived on my meager salary for some years.

God helped me to see the beauty in our situation.

I never disrespected him, I respected and still respects him.

When people now say he was lucky to have me, I also do tell them that I was lucky to have him.

I encouraged him, I am his manager and all. I knew that he had what it takes but he needs me to light the candle of his success.

Before I make a prayer for my self, I would have prayed hours for him.

I always believe that my success is tied to his.

Meanwhile, it was the solid foundation of our courtship and marriage that also helped.

Also, because I did not want to tread the path of polygamy, I was determined to make my marriage work with the help of God.


Thank you so much ma for the teaching, am blessed.

Pls ma I need more clarification on this. Though am not a white garment church member but sometimes I use to read Psalms inside water, pray and drink it. Pls ma is it that it’s wrong to use Psalms to pray ma

Mrs. Oluwabunmi Bamitale


Why only Psalms?

Why must you pray inside water before drinking.

Have you heard of this book – ‘The seven books of Moses’?

The ministry of Psalms is not Christ like.

Jesus died so that we would stop all these.

Your faith will make you whole.

Not the water.

Psalms and water did not originate from the scripture.

Why do they tell people to read particular chapters of Psalms into water.

People’s attention are being diverted from personal relationship with God.

They believe in all-mighty Psalms and will not even study other parts of the Bible to show themselves approved unto God, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

There is deliverance in every book of the Bible.

Anyone that operates the Ministry of Psalms and water is dealing knowingly and unknowingly with the Marine Spirit

You already have God’s power in you. You do not need any external mantle.

This is another teaching on it’s own.
Together with ‘How do they ‘see’ everything about you?

Different types of prophecy.

I will like to rest my case here.

Thanks for making my time here worthwhile.


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