Why Original Plan?

The vision was born on 11th December 2018 at Drama Ministers Empowerment Retreat Organized by Mount Zion Faith Ministries.

I have been praying and asking God in which Area He wants me to impact lives for a long time. Even though I am a drama minister, but I want more thing from God that people will be able to benefit from. 

Then, on that Faithful day, we are to meet for general program before the class was grouped into to two (Male and Female) It was during the prayer session that I got this vision.

At first it looks stupid to me, “To start interviewing people to tell their Experience on Faith and Marriage” Yes! it looks stupid because I don’t even know where to start from.

But before the end of that program, Evangelist mike Bamiloye was preaching and lead a prayer that God should make our vision clear. Well… I was very sure that the prayer was for me as I don’t even understand what God was telling me then.

Then I prayed and before I left that program I got the name “Original Plan” That is where another confusing started.

I was asking what does Original Plan has to do with interviewing People on Faith and Marriage. For weeks I didn’t get answer to that question. I kept on asking God in my spirit.

One day My heart was opened and I began to see it as if someone is explaining it to me. I began to have more understanding of how God Made Adam put him in a garden

Is like God was saying, stay here, and whenever you are hungry just think on what to eat and you will get it, everything you will eat is here with you but if you don’t trust me you will be so blind to see it. And He told him to be taking care of that garden. That is Faith in God…

Later, God noticed that Adam needs someone to talk to, someone to share with, he make Eva through him and told them to be fruitful and multiply.

So, if God could take from the Ribs of Adam to create Eva and make them lives successful that you and I are now part then marital crises must not be our portion

He created us, build what we needed to succeed in live in us, but still He want us to depend on Him, He want to take all the Glory and until we grow to that level we won’t enjoy more from Him.

I began to get more revelations about this, how God promised Abraham to be the father of the whole nation, How rich Abraham was even though he never take any steps without asking God…

So, I began to make some research on this, making some findings on how to start this. Anytime I remember this vision am always afraid because I thought am not qualify to do it

In early 2019 I was hearing many cases of suicide and I was thinking what will someone who has millions in his/her account be thinking that will make them commit suicide. Then my spirit told me that the lack Faith in God.

Immediately God told me clearly that He will use another person if I failed to do what He asked me to do. And God so good, we were to go for another Empowerment retreat in June, that will give me more opportunity to ask God on how to start.

But first the Mount Zion Institutes is in May, I need to attend that first and take some video interviews to use as a broadcast. I went there and take those interview by Faith and start making a plan on how to start

In June When I got to the Retreat, I went to my closet and knee down to pray and ask God to show me more before leaving. That was how I began getting ideas on what to do and till today that Ideas never stop coming.

Sometimes we stopped because Devil thought he is wise, but thank God that He gave another ideas during the lockdown and that makes us where we are today.

We never start anything on Original plan, even though there has been series of testimonies from our audiences, many will call and test us after a program to appreciate what God is doing through us.

Even, I myself am growing in Faith every single day because time with our guest has been a powerful session. Every guest come with different experience, seeing that alone give me more happiness every single day.

So, Original Plan is not a Siting down strategy, “Is a God’s Giving Vision” to make people believe more in God and to help the children of God build a happy home that will affect the nation positively

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