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What is Original Plan All About?

Original plan is a platform where we share, grow our faith, build a happy home through other people’s life experiences. It is a platform for acquiring business skill for an additional income

Our primary aim here is Faith and Home Building through live interview but we believe that every child of God must not be stranded, our father owns wealth and we must use it to our own advantage in other to propagate the kingdom of God

Original Plan is not for Christians alone, It is for everyone who wants to grow in Faith and building a happy home. As we know that Christ is the pillar of every successful happy home, He is the center of the equations and if we must enjoy our home we must allow Him to become the ruler of our homes. 

We believe that learning from other people’s experience will help us in growing in Faith and build a happy home. Even in business, other people’s experience will make you get faster result

So, If you want to grow your Faith in God, build a happy home by making God the foundation and learn a side income, you have not miss your road at all. This is the best place to be

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