Where Are You Going Original Plan

Where Are You Going(Knowing The Fundamentals Of Being Compatible Before You Plug into The Journey of Marriage.) Rev. Adepoju: Good evening to you all, I thank God for being part of this, I appreciate the leader of the group Evang Oluwafemi for inviting my wife and I, it is my prayer that we shall all […]

Ways to Go During This Pandemic Business

How to Make money during Covid19

Ways to Go During This Pandemic Supplement Your Income by Offering Simple Skills as Service to Local/International Audience Godfrey Elabor Profile CEO, Elabnet Innovation: a digital marketing firm that is duly registered with CAC with office Situated at Obehi Plaza, 4 Adisa Akintoye street, Ketu, Lagos. He is a full time Digital Marketer, Online Business coach, […]

Navigating Life by asking those ahead

Original Plan Faith and Relationship Questions

Presenter Question and Answer Session on Faith and Relationship With Four Special Guests. We have different questions submitted from our audience The First Question to Mrs Owoeye What will you do if you have been led to someone for a long time (10) years waiting though the sister is still in school but the person […]

Walking The Walk of Faith by Mrs Bunmi Bamitale

Mrs Bunmi Bamitale Original Plan Guest

Presenter: Please, join me and welcome Mrs. Oluwabunmi Bamitale our special guest for tonight 💃💃💃 Mrs. Bunmi Bamitale There is a lie that is being told many people when they are being preached to That lie is…. …Once you give your life to Christ, all your problems are over Oh my! That is a wrong […]

Knowing God’s Will in Marriage by Pastor and Pastor Mrs Akinwande

Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Femi Original Plan Guest

Presenter: We will be discussion on a Topic; “Knowing God’s Will in Marriage” This is the original plan whatsapp and Telegram platform.My Name is Oluwafemi Ezekiel, Today again I will be the Conductor of this program while God will be the Driver. So, we will be talking on Relationship today and I have a Father […]

Faith Experience Mrs Bunmi

Mrs Bunmi Original Plan Guest

Marital Experience of Motunrayo Olubunmi Fawehinmi Presenter: Oluwafemi Ezekiel Presenter: Can you please tell us about yourself Mrs Bunmi: I am Motunrayo Olubunmi FawehinmiA Christian by the grace of God.A married to Akindele Fawehinmi and blessed with boys.I serve on the ushering department.A teacher by profession. Presenter: What is your Your own Understanding of Faith? Mrs. […]

Journey of Faith Victor Olukoju PVO

PVO Original Plan Guest

Presenter Today we have another man of God who will be sharing with us his Faith and Marital experience. How he manages his home and ministry with total trust in God   Topic: The Journey of Faith The Journey of Faith in Marriage and Ministry: Building a Happy Home and Making Impact in Ministry with […]