Growing Your Faith

Have you ever find yourself in a situation where all you are expecting is not coming, where everyone who promised you never fulfill their promises and you look up to God and say; “Daddy, I put my total trust in You because I know it’s only you who can help and will not discourage”

Growing your Faith to a level of following God blindly is the best way to bribe God to fast-track your request

God want to take you on journey, teach you to walk by Faith, entrust you with some of life’s most treasured moments. He want to build faith in you.

Faith that moves mountains and moves God’s hands. He want to teach you to live this life with abandonment, giving you freedom to walk in all His fullness and grace.

He want to prepare you to be used mightily in this life for His Glory just like the way He prepared David to be the King over Israel, He prepared Moses to take His people to the promise land and He prepared and trained Joseph to help the world economy

Perhaps, you’ve already experienced your life being upside down, toppled without any control. This same thing happened to Joseph some years back, he had vision to be the ruler but the situation surrounding him seems not going to be possible.

You’ve found yourself wandering in the wildness watching His fire direct your every step by night; a cloud leads you by day. perhaps, you sense you are on the edge of the promised land, just waiting for Him to give the command to take your possession.

You can’s go back and walk another 40 years journey when you are 5 minutes closer to your promise land…. You must not be tired and weary.

You’ve lost friends who don’t Understands how you can continue to cling to a promise that is so obviously dead and gone. You are so close and yet feel so far away.

You are struggling with temptations to just settle, even though you know it is less than God’s best but you simply don’t know how much longer you can stand. If Soul knew where God was taking him to he wouldn’t have make any attempt to start the sacrifice before Samuel arrived.

Feel forgotten? You are not alone. I see God raising up a remnant of believers, those He knows will be obedient. He is looking for those with clean hands and pure heart, those who will choose obedience even if it costs them everything this world must offer. Those who are ready to enter into fire life three Hebrews even when they had a great opportunity to live fine in that land.

He is looking for those who will throw caution to the wind, believe that He has an abundant life waiting if we will follow His ways, He is looking for those whose hearts have been purified, whose faith has been strengthened by the trials of this life. He is looking for those who will cling to His promises even when it seems there is no hope.

Yes! Is not easy to follow Him with Faith especially when things around is calling you to show you short cut to get to your destination fast. But I can proudly tell you that following Him with Faith is the best decision, only His blessing last forever

How do you develop to the level of having total trust in God? This is why Original Plan is the best place to be to grow your Faith.

Other people’s experience will surely make you grow in Faith. The road you want to pass today, some people already passed that road and all you need is to ask them how they did it and get to where they are today.

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