Thank You Very Much For Checking This Page…….

Presently, Original Plan is operating on Zero Budget unlike when we started using Camera and traveling to other states to take the interview….

We have to use what we have to achieve what we need and considering the restriction of movement because of this pandemic, we are operating on Whatsapp and Telegram

But, we are moving to Live Video and pre-record interview starting from July and we need a lot of things to achieve that.

This program is totally Depending on God and we believe God can use you to support it. Below is what we need

Our Present Need for Original Plan

Present Goals

We are moving from Whatsapp and Telegram to video lives and pre-recorded video interview by July and we need many things to achieve that. Read more about it below

Short-time Goals

Presently, we are still visiting our guest in their various home for the interview. We want to have Original Plan Studio across the state or even be renting studios for that purpose

Future Goal

Even though we are in Digital Age, but nothing stop us to still have Original Plan on TV. Our dreams is that many TV channels will be showing this program live

Our Present and Urgent Needs

We are actually operating on Telegram and Whatsapp because of this present Pandemic. So, we are moving to Live video interview and pre-recorded video interview and We will be using Online meeting Platforms Like Zoom or Webinar platform that will be easy for people to connect for the live interview…

And we will need to buy some Equipment like Cameras, Lights, Sounds etc for good records and bus for logistics

Short-time Goals

Our short-time goals includes: Studios, Educational website platform for people to learn different skills at a cheaper rate, Building and promoting a Freelancing Site for them to render this skills to get paid both in local and international currency, offices etc. We believe the children of God must not be stranded, we must find something doing so far is our father who owns the riches

There is more to this and we have the full details on our goal plan book. If God is leading you to support this particular aspect then you can talk to us

Our Long-time Goal

We have a lot of activities on Original plan which is not restricted on our platform alone. We want Original plan program to be showing on different Television Channels in future… This is neither longtime go not short time… Our faith is that this would happen before year 2025. We also want to have Training Conferences rooms in some states for live trainings

We’ve seeing it happening already and it will surly happen very soon. We want people to depends on this program in building their Faith, having a happy home and Building a sustainable business