Single With Purpose

Evang. Anu Original Plan Guest

This message was teaching on Original Plan Whatsapp and Telegram Group by Evangelist Jide Ogunmilade


You welcome to Original Plan Online Platform sir. We are happy to have you here

Evang. Jide:

I deeply appreciate God for the opportunity to be here with you tonight.
To Him alone be all the glory
Secondly, I want to thank my brother, Bro Ezekiel for inviting me here. It is a great privilege for me.
I appreciate everyone on this platform. God bless us all.
Let me begin by saying that there is nothing new any one has to say, that we have not heard before.
We are only here to remind each other of the things we have heard and learnt before at one time or the other
I lay no claim to any strange wisdom
But I pray that the One who is Wisdom personified will teach us Himself tonight
Life is in phases
Singleness is one of the phases in the life of a human being
It is that phase of life when the next step is marriage
A person may be Single and Searching.
Single and Attached
But the next phase after this phase of Singleness is Marriage
Now Marriage is a serious business.
In Yoruba, it is called “IGBE IYAWO”
Which literally means, “The Carrying of a Wife”
So to Carry a wife is not a small issue
It must be well prepared for
Beloved, the season of Singleness is not a season to be taken with levity
A wise Single will use the opportunity to invest in him/herself
You must see yourself as a single in the light of the Colt tied down in Mark Chapter 11
This colt was tied down for a purpose
There was a prophesy hanging over this colt from over 409 years before this time.It had been prophesied that Jesus would ride into Jerusalem on the back of a Colt, the child of a donkey, upon which no man has ever ridden
Now, as the time of fulfillment of the prophesy drew near, out of all the colts born in that sane season, only thus particular one was taken and tied down
Other colts were moving about freely
But thus one couldn’t
It was tied down for a purpose
My dear single, you’re a single in this season for a purpose
You’re a Christian Single in this season for a purpose
You must understand that you’re tied down for a purpose
Other singles may be gallivanting around
But you can not
Other singles may be jumping from one party to the other.
But you can not
Other Singles may be changing ladies like ladies change their wrappers.
But you can’t.
Cos you’re tied down for a purpose
Other Singles may be involved in all manners of sexcapades.
But you dare not.
Cos there’s a Prophesy hanging over your life
Other Singles may mock you. They may call you names. Don’t mind them. There is no Word hanging over their lives.
But one day, the day of your Prophesy fulfillment will arrive
Imagine if you have cut your rope and ran to join the other ordinary singles out there?
What will now happen?
Therefore I want to encourage every one in the Phase of Singleness right now, stay in the Will of God
Stay tied to the Altar
Now, this phase of Singleness is meant for PREPARATION
God has a Preparation Scheme or Syllabus for every child of His
Your Syllabus differed from mine
The Syllabus of Joseph differed from that of David
But every man who will amount to anything tangible in the Hands of God must enroll in the School of Preparation
The irony of life is that many people have high expectations in life but have low preparation
That is the sure way to failure
Low Preparation equals Low Manifestation
Average Preparation equals Average Manifestation
Great Preparation equals Great Manifestation
You can never manifest beyond your level of Preparation
Many have high dreams of a beautiful married life.
Yet they are not backing it up with preparations
Disappointment will surely be the end result
Nobody shines in life without preparation
Preparation is the Oven in which God bakes His Champions
If you dodge preparation, you’re dodging glory
If you dodge preparation and choose to take short cuts, you will end up cutting yourself short in the long rum
Now, there are various areas of life that God could use you in your future
You must pray well to discover your own field
It is after discovering your own field, that you can now begin to prepare yourself towards taking over that area for God
The desire of God is that which ever area of Manifestation is yours, you’re to dominate that area for God.
In your domination, is God glorified.
I always describe a scenario
Imagine that your own area is sports
And you prepare well and become the fastest man in the world
And after your win, you’re called upon to give a speech
And you start by asking everyone to rise up to pray to your God
Of course they will. Cos you’re the MSN of the Moment as far as that moment is concerned
Or your own field of Manifestation is the Sciences
And you discover the cure for a dreaded disease.
Thereby you win the Nobel Prize for Science.
Then you’re invited to receive the award.
Presidents and other great men are gathered.
And you enter, and say, “I dedicate this Award to the Savior of my Soul Jesus Christ. Can you all rise to your feet and shout Hallelujah with me”
They will all shout with you, cos its your moment.
And your God will be glorified
This is why you must take your preparation so serious
Cos your shinning in life in your own area of Manifestation gives glory to your God
No wonder Jesus said, “Let your Light so shine before men, that they may glorify your Father who is in Heaven”
Now let me state different areas that you can manifest in life

1) Political Sector – Daniel and his friends

2) Entertainment – Evang. Mike Bamiloye and others

3) Sports

4) Agriculture – Jacob

5) Journalism – Where you can use your pen to glorify God

6) Writing – Karyn Kingsbury, Frank Perretti, Esther Adekoya, Opeyemi Akintunde, Francine Rivers, etc
7) Business

8) Ministry – Pas Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, etc
9) Academic – To build Schools



It is the foundation for any exploits in life and ministry

We said any man who must do anything great for God, must allow himself to be enrolled in the Divine Syllabus of Divine Preparation

Let me quickly say this

It is whatever you are or have that God can use on the earth

That is why we must become for God, and also possess for God

To become for God entails preparation

I remember a world class footballer named Kaka who was also a child of God.
Whenever he was playing, he wire a vest under his jersey on which was written, “Jesus Is Lord”.
So anytime he scored, he would pull off his jersey and display what he had written on his vest for the world to see that.
How glorious that is.

I want to encourage you to strive to always play your game at the highest levels in life.
That is where God can be mist glorified.
The higher you are, the higher you can fly the banner of Jesus

Stop thinking small

Imagine if you own a conglomerate of businesses like Dangote.
You can order all your branches worldwide to observe devotion every morning, and nobody can cough.
Becos you’re the Oga at the top.
That’s what we’re talking about.

Now preparation depends on how far you’re going

The higher you’re going, the greater must be your preparation

Joseph’s preparation was so tough and painful, because of the height God was taking him to

Therefore never compare yourself with others who are not going to the same place that you are

Their own training and preparation may be easy and light because they are not going so far

But yours is so tough because you’re meant to go very far

Let us look at the sport of HIGH JUMP

Now, when if all you’re aiming to jump in life are the lower heights, then you will realize that you don’t need to run much before you jump them. You can even just walk up to them and jump.
Neither do you need to exert much energy to jump them

But if your target is the higher heights on the bars, then you will realise that you will need to move back very well.
Then you will begin to run towards the bar. Because speed is needed to push you up when you jump.
Then as you run towards the bar, there is a point that you increase speed.
At another point, you prepare your body to jump.
Then you leap with all your might.
Then you’re able to clear the bar

So the higher you intend to go in life, the greater effort you must put in

No Boxing Champion is made in the Boxing Ring.
Champions are made in the place of preparation

Now God uses some things to prepare people

1) Men
2) Tests

When God decided that the kingship was to go to someone in the house of Jesse, there were 7 sons to be chosen from

God decided to use their father Jesse to introduce them into preparation syllabus by asking one of them to go into the wilderness to look after the family sheep

That was supposed to be the test

But all the elder ones felt too big to do such a menial assignment as going into the wilderness to look after a few sheep.
They felt there were more important things to do in the City.

Pride was in their heart. They are not humble enough to do such an assignment

Only David accepted the assignment

Let me quickly say this

If you accept to do the assignment others are dodging, you will get what others are not getting!

Most times, great Mantles follow the pathway of Service

And so David accepted the assignment others were dodging, no wonder he got the Throne others could not get

They did not know that God was searching their hearts.
To see who would agree to watch over the sheep.
He was planning to make that person Shepherd over the sheep of Israel

Please stop dodging Kingdom Assignments given to you by men God set up over your life

Most times, these assignments can bring you to your throne

And so David set out for the Wilderness

But that was his enrollment into the School of Preparation

It was in the wilderness that he learnt to play his Harp very well.
You will remember that thus skill was one of the skills that made him to be recommended to King Saul later.

It was in the wilderness that he learnt to hear the voice of God.
That was where he downloaded some Psalms from heaven.

It was also here that God sent the Lion and the Bear to him.
To prepare him for his confrontation with Goliath later.
As he killed those animals, it was preparation for him to later face Goliath

If he had run away from those animals, he would have been disqualified from facing Goliath.
And that is automatic disqualification from the Throne

Beloved, at times, God will move you away from your parents, because He knows they don’t have the syllabus for your Destiny Training in their hands.

They love you too much to be hard on you when they need to be.
And this love will not let you be prepared for your destiny

So he moves you out of their care, to an Uncle or Aunt that is a no nonsense person

Thus person begins to get on your case over everything and you’re complaining and you want to run away

Stop it

Go no where

That person is your destiny trainer

Surrender yourself to training

This was what happened to Joseph

Joseph was so comfortable in Jacob’s house

He was pampered and over loved

He went around with his coat of many colors.

And God saw that the young man was going to waste

He was rocking a Coat of many colors, while Hus Coat of Destiny was at stake

So God had to intervene

God saw that he needed some hard men to knock some training into him

So God moved his brothers to kidnap him and sell him into slavery

It was in Egypt as a slave in Portiphar’s house that he learnt a lot of things

As soon as he was getting comfortable in Portiphar’s house again, God arranged for Portiphar’s wife to lie against him, and he was sent into prison for further training and preparation

In the solitude of the prison, he learnt to interpret dreams more clearly

So we see that this issue of preparation is so critical

Moses was a mighty warrior. But God did not need a warrior to lead his people out of Egypt

So Moses first had to be prepared

So God sent him to the Backsides of the Desert to be prepared

After that, to humble him further, God made him to begin to work for his Father in-law

I am sure you can imagine how humbling that must be.
If he annoys his wife, she will just threaten to report him to her father to reduce his salary

Until at last, Moses, the mighty Genera, used to commanding men, ended up being called, “The Meekest Man on earth”

Training breaks you

There are rough edges in your life that will not allow you to get to the top.
Or will not allow you to remain there for long.
So God brings people into your life who will begin to hammer on that issue until you change it

Don’t hate such people

They have an assignment to your life

They’re sent to prepare you for your Throne





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