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Original Plan Faith and Relationship Questions


Question and Answer Session on Faith and Relationship With Four Special Guests. We have different questions submitted from our audience

The First Question to Mrs Owoeye

What will you do if you have been led to someone for a long time (10) years waiting though the sister is still in school but the person has not yet proposed to you and in one way or the other you heard sisters saying they have Been led to the same person.

Mrs. Owoeye

If God has shown you something for the future. What have u been doing in the period of waiting. You go to God in prayers once u are sure God is speaking. It will surely come to pass.Then Shouldn’t stay on a spot waiting!Your priority is walking on your self to becoming a better person, knowing God the more

And seeking God’s face to bring up a confirmation by speaking with the brother. God is not the author of confusion. Once he has spoken he will speak with the brother and other party like your pastor.

What ever God has prepared for u to make your future better in as much as he has spoken with u and u are still with him. He will make it come to pass not your own will but His. So your priority at that stage of your schooling should be your education walking with God and becoming a better person in all areas of life.
So sister be a model, don’t sit at a point and think things will just happen . Another view to it.” Thus said the Lord, has the Lord really spoken” Sit down and trace your relationship with God to see why the delay.


Next Question to Pastor Farotika and Evang. Badejo

Why is every lady I tried to be friend with want to marry me?
Have notices that almost all the ladies I came in contact love to be around me both rich and poor and is not that I have money, in fact am still living in one room face me and slap you.

This always got me confused that I don’t even know who to pray about. Please what cause this, I need to know how to get over this, I need to settle down and I don’t even know who to pray about out of all these ladies

Evang. Badejo

God bless the good people of God here. It’s a privilege to be asked to speak on this topic.

Hmm when God has plan for a man devil always have his plans too: One of the major way devil can destroy a saint is through opposite sex. Anyone in that condition battles to fight. A lot of things used to attract sisters to a brother.

The brother may be
The cheerful type

Then most times devil can drive sisters to a brother in order to destroy his destiny.

The sisters may not even know it’s devil using them except they are spirit filled

Brothers in such condition can prayerfully identify his challenge among the ones I stated above

Once the brother identifies his challenge, he can proceed to work on himself

I was in that condition several years ago. I unknowingly broke many sisters heart. I had all the qualities mentioned above and it was so challenging. But one thing is I knew God and constantly pray that I desire nothing but His will in my marital life.

I can’t begin to mention many experiences I passed through but God saw me through.

Prayer is the first key.

Pray to God to break every negative anointing devil might have cloth you with

Ask God to open your eyes to your faults and lapses

Many young brothers are naturally flirt bit they don’t know it

They are always in to sisters and can go to any extent to please them

They are always kind to sisters and can go to any extent to please them

They can pass undue compliments and make the sisters to know they care.

This is dangerous

Knowing the will of God in such condition can be challenging

Unless the brother correct himself and learn to stay in His presence.

I pray for all brothers here, God will help us not to miss His will for our lives in Jesus mighty name

Pastor Tope

The answer is simple: be careful of the signals you give to sisters and the type of lady you move with.

Remember Dinah the daughter of Jacob in Genesis 34? She moved with the wrong company and the men of Hivite were attracted to her. No long after the prince, Shechem the prince of Hivite found a way to rape her and that brought about a lot of consequences.

So, No 1: When ladies see you, what do they see in you? Do they see a serious minded Christian who will not compromise his faith for anything or do they see you as someone they can easily manipulate? Do they see a flirt. Do you give them green signals?

No 2: What type of ladies do you move with? Are they true children of God who are heaven minded and who seek God’s mind for a life partner or are they ladies that are desperately looking for any available man to lay with or marry?

If you move in the corridor of God fearing sisters, and not in the mist of the Hivite then, you will not have them go to any length to be with you. They will seek God’s face first and wait for His will.

In addition, when I was in the world, one thing I know that attracts ladies to man is a well furnished house and good job. So in those days, to get good catches, we try to furnish our home with furniture, T.V., kitchen utensils and some other things.

Then, we invited them over, one after the other

Once a lady comes and sees all these, they would want to settle down. Maybe that could be the case here

How well furnished is your home (not a crime to have a well-furnished house) and do you invite ladies there? If your answer good/yes, then, such challenge will occur. That is why we always advice brothers: don’t make it a habit to always invite/allow sisters/lady into your house if you are not ready to marry them. First, it protect you from unnecessary temptation. Secondly, it guides against desperate ladies.

Lastly, lead a committed life to God. Be on fire for Him and flies will not play around you.

Please note that the above is in addition to what the Evangelist taught us tonight. God bless you


Next Question to Mrs. Mojusola Ogunlana

Can you please tell me what His Kids is all about. Also, how are you able to establish a production line for kids and what will your advise be for upcoming people that have vision for kids ministry

Mrs. Mojisola Ogunlana

Hmmm. HIS means God
So the literally meaning of it is God’s kid.

What brought about the vision is that I noticed whenever I attend a supposed Christian children birthday the kind of music they listen to are these worldly music and all sorts so there came one I went to that caused holy anger in me and I went to God and He gave me how I will.go about it.
Children Christian movies, games and exclusively Christian songs only

My advise for upcoming people that have vision for kids ministry is firstly to pray for guidance because each child is peculiar and also which area do you want to face because in children ministry there are varieties.
1. Entertainment
2. Creche
3. Video club
4. Bible club

But one thing is common to all God and Bible.

Once you get our specification right hem you go for training

Note: You are to be a woman/man of prayer and the WORD.
Because in children ministry you need spirit of wisdom and discernment of spirit



Next question to all:

I found it difficult to fall in love
I broke up with someone I loved 5 years ago when God says he is not His plan for me. Ever since then have found it very difficult to love again.Sometimes if I just want to do it maybe because of pressure at home or when I remember am not younger anymore, I can tried for days at the end I will just lost interest.

Though i always prayed on every man who comes to me and never received yes from God.Am not sure am alright. Because in the last 2 years more than 19 brothers asked me out

I want to know if truly is God that is jot speaking or what. Anytime I pray concerning other things I get answer from God but about any brother, is no. I hope nothing is wrong with me please?

Mrs. Owoeye

Please brethren before you fall in love , know God and acknowledge him in your life. Knowing God has to do with knowing how God speaks with you. If the foundation is faulty, way out becomes more confusing. You need to have personal relationship with God. To know how and when he speaks.

Don’t damble into any relationship without asking and getting a go ahead. I am from a polygamous home, so I know and understand how good it is to receive from God concerning a partner that you will spend the rest of your life with.

Clear your heart and open up your mind to receiving from God. For the fact that he has stopped u from falling into a pit, does not mean u should not be strong in your dealings with him. Settle your mind and allow peace of God to flow in your heart. Then when he speaks you will hear him.

Yes , my people knowing God is paramount. God has special plans for his own pp. No matter how it tarry. It is for an appointed time. It will come to pass. Never doubt in the light what you are told in the light for the Lord who has called u has never failed at all.


Evang. Badejo

Well, with this question, I noticed you are yet to be healed. Like you said God answered other prayers but on marital life you don’t hear anything.

Saul was the original plan of God for Israel. But along the line, he fumbled, he disobeyed God and lost favour, lost His position. For anyone in this condition, it is important to know God has alternatives.

Then you need to know that all things work together for good for those who loves God and are called according to His purpose.

Delay is not denial and God usually take the fake from His children to give them the original.

But most times we cling to the past so much that we lose sight of God’s original plan

Staying in God’s presence for healing is important like my darling sister said

Mrs. Mojisola Ogunlana

Hmmm. You need to go to the Cross for complete healing. You are yet to detach yourself from the man which even if you finally settle devil can still bring it to your heart to disturb your home

And again don’t allow pressure to.push you to rush out before your time. Marriage is more than wedding ceremony. If you rush in you will rush out.

Not receiving yes from God might be.
1. God is still working on you and also on the brother.
2. May be because your heart is still.FULL of the past and not allowing you to hear what God is now saying Free your heart.
3. My sister if God had not spoken WAIT and continue in HIS service with time he that will.come will come he will not tarry

For 19 brothers to. be asking you out in the last 2yrs is not a good signal at all. My sister don’t look or act desperate or else devil will capitalise on this.
Secondly please pray and cancel every unnecessary attachment to whoever is not God’s choice or perfect will for you in Jesus name

Pastor Tope

Sister, reading your question, I can feel your pains. But I will love to tell you this: don’t be discouraged, God’s got your back!

First, go back to God and talk to your Father. Tell Him to help you deal with the supposed disappointment of the past. Tell Him to help you heal and move you forward.

The most work you need to do is on your kneel and in communion with the Holy Spirit. Once you settle with God and are able to let go of the pass and genuinely accept the position of God, I can assure you, doors of love and God’s will will surely open

Sometimes when God closes a door, we fix our attention on it and will not be able to see a double door opened next to us. Agree and reconcile with God’s will from the depth our your heart, and you will find peace

I pray for you that from tonight, every cloud of doubt and fear hovering over your heart will be erased in Jesus name


New Question sir/ma (All)

We clearly heard from God to get married me and my husband two years ago when I had no job and my husband salary is just 40k a month and he spent half of that money on transport

All the promises God promised us we never see any coming to pass. Now, our house rent is due for over 7 months and Landlord is treating to send us out, have tried looking for job but nothing.

I almost slept with old friend last month just to get 100k from him, but I later rethink because I lovey husband and I love God
Why all this happening even when he heard clearly from God before going into marriage?

Mrs. Owoeye

There are different types of temptation in once life. And this shall pass. God is trying to promote u only if u pass the test of time

There are different desert that can make u thirsty. But once the water of life which is Jesus flows in u, u will overcome and become stronger. The bible says in the world u will experience tribulations but be of good cheer for He has overcome the world.

I pray for you both that God of uniqueness will do what only HE can do. He will send help to you in Jesus name.

Stand firm and never be moved . Pray for grace to overcome and u will testify. Pray an agreement prayer with ur spouse. Ur husband will be lifted and God will turn things around for u and it family.

He has never fail, and he will not fail. If answers to ur prayers is not forth coming. There is purpose for it. The positive answer will not benefit u as at then. So wait for an appointed time. Hold hands together and pray for breakthrough. You will be lifted

Isaiah 41:13 says for I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to u. Do not be afraid, I will help you. God will see u thru. You are at the point of breakthrough. See u at the top!

Mrs. Mojisola Ogunlana

Ile anu oluwa ki su
Gbogbo ohun ti o lo wu yio se ni yio se lai ku kan.
Because the mouth of the Lord has spoken it the bible says it will surely come to pass so accept this true first. God is ever faithful.and he is a covenant keeping God

Because we heard from God does not say trials and persecution will not come. Jesus never promised us a rosy journey but this true is sure he will.never allow us to.pass througj those we can not overcome

All these is happening because you can still hold it and it is for a season. This phase will soon pass

Please don’t give in to depression and NEVER give in to devil’s counsel to go into sin the end will be a disaster.

For now prayerfully start a that at least can be bringing in something in. If the house you people are staying not affordable you can move out to get a smaller one or if possible if you can get someone you people can still manage with (discuss with your pastor) pending the time you will get enough money to get a smaller place .

Evang. Badejo

When God calls, he backed and support. There’s always time if testing, sifting and purging. This is the most crucial period of ministry because the called must pass through training. God is the trainer. He’s watching keenly to see deep into the called heart.

He want to see if he can endure, persevere and be patient. See, hold on. The time if wilderness will be over soon. Don’t give up at the edge of success and explain away your powerful convictions. The wilderness period will pass.

Pastor Tope

It is well with you my sister.

First, I want you to know that having the will of God in marriage does not mean absent of challenges, temptations and trials. Jesus says: “in the world, ye shall have tribulations but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”

Whatever challenge you are facing now is not going to be for ever. It will come to an end. And I see that end in sight in Jesus name, Amen!

However, there are practical things you have to do:

1. Look for problems to solve. See ma, you must know the promise of God for you in Genesis 1:26-28. It is not a fluke. It is what God has for His children. However, it does not come in a plater of gold.

God created everything you see to solve one problem or the other. You have the Spirit of God in you and you must possess that attribute of God – problem solving.

Instead of looking for jobs that are not forth coming, why not look around you? There are problems to be solved. Pick one or two and proffer solutions.

Most successful business men you see around and hear of are problem solvers. In the process of solving problems, they make millions

Solving problems also involve been creative. God is the Creator, you her His daughter. What are you creating?

Engage and explore your mind not your sexuality on what to create and before you know it, tide will turn for you. Don’t just sit down feeling sorry for yourself. Arise, fight and begin to win

Secondly, pray for inspiration and engage the Holy Spirit and how to live your day to day life and you will be amazed what both you and Holy Spirit can do together

Isa 30:21  And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

God bless you


Question For All

Good evening sir/ma.
I really appreciate Mr Ezekiel Oluwafemi for this platform. God will continue to give you more ideas

Am having serious issue. For the past 10 years have been masturbating. Have prayed, have faster and still this spirit never leave me. There was a time I determined never to do it, for 3 months I didn’t do it but suddenly things just change again and I found myself in it

My problem is not seeing nude, not at all, I can just see lady or even think of one and I will start masturbating once am alone. Please, sir ma, I need your help am dying, am not always happy anytime I found myself in this mesh. Please is it deliverance I need or what

Mrs. Owoeye

You need deliverance. Meet with true deliverance minister. Explain the situation. Go for fasting and prayers and u will be delivered.

More so, you will need to dedicate and consecrate ur self to God. Search urself. If there is secret sin u indulged in seek for forgiveness and promise God u will never go back to it. If none. Focus on God for breakthrough as I said . He will see u thru.

Mrs. Mojisola Ogunlana

Please I will send an ebook writing by sister opeyemi Akintunde that really dealt with this topic and how to get out it to bro Ezekiel to forward to you.

Please my brother masturbation is a spirit that really need to be dealt with in the place of deliverance

Click Here to download the books

Pastor Tope

While I am totally in support of need for deliverance. I will in addition give you a practical way to solving this problem.

I am a man (although masturbation is not peculiar to men) and I have been there. My was worse and I always felt terrible after just as you are right now. How did I overcome and continue to overcome and how can you do the same?

1. Ensure your salvation is genuine. Everything you need for victory and deliverance is in genuine salvation. According to 2 Peter 1:3 at salvation, you are covered with a divine power that gives you everything that pertains to life and godliness

A surrendered life belongs to Christ and the Holy Spirit rules in such life. As old things (habits and addictions) are passed away and a new life of the Spirit ensues.

2. Let the Holy Spirit occupy your heart totally. Let Him remove all carnality and replace with godliness. Rom 8:1  There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

What is in operation in your life is carnality and a carnal mind cannot please God, hence the masturbation.

Romans 8:5  For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. Rom 8:6  For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Rom 8:7  Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. Rom 8:8  So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

Therefore, invite the Holy Spirit and let Him reign in your heart unchallenged and carnality/masturbation will be a thing of the past

Believe me, the Holy Spirit is waiting for you to invite Him in so He can chase out that demon call masturbation

Philippians 4:8  Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.



The next and the last question for Mrs Moji Ogunlana

Recently, There is this assignment God has committed into my hands to do. And He told me that is given this assignment to i and the lady am going to marry. So I need to go and pray and know who is this lady.

I prayed, and the Lord revealed this lady to me in a dream like two to three occasions. I quickly go and meet my mmumy G.O in my church, she is the one in charge of marriage counselling and all of that. And she told me the lady just brought the man that she want to marry last week.

I felt disappointed. I ask my self a question that is it God that is lying or am seen rubbish? So I asked her what should I do now? She told me to go and pray very well.

Over three years now we are still on it, the sister didn’t marry to any man. In life I believe there is alternative for everything that God create. I’m in the verge of going for alternative now. Honestly, it’s really delaying my journey. Sir, what do you advice me to do?

Mrs. Mojisola Ogunlana

If truly God spoke to you concerning assignment involving you and someone and the person is saying or acting otherwise then GO BACK TO GOD. Tell him the feedback and let him tell you the next step to take

It might be that God is still dealing with both of you to perfectly fit for the assignment or the mummy pastor has someone else for her ( like death in the pot movie)

You just continue to work for God as you await the next step God will ask you to take.

Note: God must be the instructor not your flesh or anyone.

Marriage should not be rush into. It is a MINISTRY which require God’s leading because wind will surely blow and your conviction is what will.keep you moving and stand.

Ensure you hear well and obey ALL INSTRUCTIONS from the designer and initiator of all homes (GOD

I.pray that you will.not miss it in place of marriage in Jesus name



Next Question to Mrs. Owoeye

3 years ago when I was praying concerning marital issue, God showed me a sister and I really confirmed it. 9 months after I asked her out after series of prayers and I was so sure that she will say Yes.

After 3 weeks she gave me no answer telling me she never hear from God
Ever since then I never received anyone from God again. Anytime I prayed about it I will not hear anything.

Have tried to open my heart even to force myself asking many sisters out, but after talking for a day or two I will lost interest in them This same sister is still single bcoz the last time we spoke she said she is not with anyone, but she never give me green light

Does it mean she is still my wife bcoz I never get yes from God about any other sister since then and I will be 34 next month

Mrs. Owoeye

If God has spoken and u about it, wht He says will always come to pass. U can ask God for reconfirmation. He will spk again. Beyond the confirmation of God speaking, there are possibility of forces contending against the fulfillment of God’s promise. Two forces can contend against the will of God. Forces from darkness and forces from men. God can silent every form of forces and give breakthrough.

With the assurance that God is involved and you are sure, you can tell Him to make His will come to pass and talk to the sister. God wants to hear us. He wants to be assured that we are with Him in the journey of our life and that He is no 1. Make God be proud of you, engage Him in prayers. If it is still His will for you then she will be yours. Ultimately, also prepare yourself to be a man fit for God’s will


Next Question to Pastor Tope sir

Sir please, how can somebody make a choice of mentor-ship?

Pastor Tope

First, we have to know who is a mentor? A mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee.

One of the best ways to break into a chosen field or learn more about becoming an entrepreneur is to find someone that has gone before you and gained success at the same goal.

This person has the ability to provide valuable advice and encouragement as a mentor. Choosing a mentor is not necessarily a difficult task, but it also shouldn’t be something you jump into haphazardly.

Because of time and space, I will quickly share 5 things to look out for in choosing a mentor:

1. Values
It’s important to make sure your values align with the person you are looking toward as a potential mentor. Finding someone with values similar to yours will lead to a better relationship. In order to do this, you must know what your values are.

Write your values down and really consider them.
Do you believe in work/life balance? Do you put your family first? Are you a Christian who value to time with God? Then someone who works 60+ hours a week might not be a great fit as your mentor.

2. Communication
Many people are very successful in their chosen field but might not be able to effectively convey what they have done to get there. You will want to make sure the person you have in mind is able to communicate in a manner that is easy for you to understand.

You can do this by observing how he or she interacts with other people. Do they convey their feelings or ideas with ease and tact? Do they communicate with others willingly?

This attribute will also help you become a better communicator.

3. Willingness
In order to teach anything as a mentor, that person must be willing to help. Just because someone has found success does not mean they will readily share it with you. Before asking someone to mentor you, get to know them a little bit first.

Have lunch with them, and see if they are open to talking about their successes. Ask if they have mentored anyone in the past. Get a feel for their personality, and make sure they want to share the information you need.

When I was about starting my business I had to search for mentors because the business was strange to me. Unfortunately though, many of those I contacted in Nigeria were not willing. I had to look elsewhere, strangers from foreign countries to be precise. Hence, your mentor must be willing

4. Expectations
You will want to make sure you clearly define what you are looking for in the relationship between you and your mentor. This means you should have an idea of how much time you would like to spend with this person and what activities you would like to partake in.

Do you want to shadow them frequently? Would you like to have time to ask them questions outside their professional setting? These are the types of activities that you should inquire about and outline before committing to a specific person.

It is important to make sure you are explicit in your expectations so that you and your potential mentor are on the same page.

5. Personality
Believe it or not, personality is something to consider when choosing a mentor. If you are an introvert and your prospective mentor is the opposite, you might find yourself uncomfortable. Or, maybe you are looking for someone more extroverted so that you can emulate some of these qualities.

This is something you will want to define for yourself before you seek out a mentor that possesses these attributes.

However, the greatest Mentor you can have is the Holy Spirit. He knows your beginning from your ending and everything in-between. He knows your abilities and knows how to harness them for you to fulfill your God-given purpose.

May the Lord guide us all aright in Jesus name


1. Is it good to change a mentor, if the person misbehave???

2) Is it good for your mentor to know your people-) your family and your husband too??

3) is it good, as a young single sister to make a married man, her mentor??

Pastor Tope

Yes ma. There is nothing wrong in changing your mentor is the relationship is no longer benefiting to you

Remember, an effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee. If these attributes are no longer there, please look for another

Not necessarily ma. I have mentored and still mentoring a lot of people that I have never seen for once. Yet, to God’s glory, I have been able to impact their lives positively. There are those that I know very closely too but the relationship should be clearly defined.

It is well ma. First, what is the married person mentoring?🤷‍♂️

Who initiated the mentorship? Are there no female that can do the same mentorship? What is the span of the relationship. Will it require you seeing each other often and privately? All these and many more need to be sincerely answered.

Besides, you will need to be sure there is no hidden agenda. Remember, “we are not ignorant of the devices of the devil”. “flee every appearance of evil” Half a word the elders says are enough…

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