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I am injured and can not move. Ye Feng was full of anger. He stood up from the ground and made african mango diet pills side effects a face at Dai Yanhe.I am right in front of you, you just have to reach out and catch me Ye Feng put his face close to the continental barrier.

Ye Feng nodded in satisfaction.The overall number of the Void Air Corps is not too large, and the total is only about 50,000.

If Ye Feng was here, he would definitely be surprised by the current Qiu Gu, because he had never seen such a well behaved Qiu Gu when he faced the dean of the Extreme Fire Academy.

All the spiritual energy in the air became like a brick.As early as the moment the Tu Qilin raised his foot, Ye Feng had already mobilized birth control pills that help with weight loss the earth element aura, forming an earth element round shield in front of him.

At the moment, a total of ten people came out of the crowd, and everyone glared at Ye Feng.

The accumulated ten best weight loss birth control pill thousand sword lights shot up, and long golden thin lines were drawn in the air.

Live Hahaha Let is just consider it alive The first Immortal King from the left laughed with an open minded attitude, but there were some emotions in his words If it were not for the fragments of the light and shadow bow, and our own obsessions, I am afraid we would have become ignorant of life and death.

This is Kong Taiqing stood up straight, looking at the majestic Ye Feng in front of him, some could not believe his eyes.

But space fairy energy is really rarely touched. Xuanyuan Fang gritted his teeth and swept the spear in his hand.His attack moves passed through the Does whey protein work for weight loss .

How to drink red wine to lose weight ?

How to get the motivation to lose weight cobwebs that blocked the space and attacked Ye Feng in a fine manner.

Yu Gan glanced at Lao Chang, and let go of the choked breath in his heart, Come on, come back to Tiantian anyway, it is almost like death, I will accompany you all to go crazy again.

Xiao Yao spat heavily on the ground.This is the 481st time you challenged me, and that girl broke into my camp for the 338th time.

Oh Come so fast Sima Zhao clapped the folding fan in his hand, but his expression was excited.

The South City Lord and the North City Lord rushed over and surrounded Weng Junchang, a daring outsider.

The earth element that came from the side did not have the thick and heavy feeling of the outside at all.

Ye Feng also wanted to see the difference between his current strength and Wu Zun.

Xuanyuan Hongzheng and this group of people are dead.Huh What african mango diet pills side effects about people Ye Feng came out of the Five Elements Wheel and found that Shuisiliu had disappeared.

Looking up, everyone present could not help but their hearts jumped.A few timid guards sat directly how to lose pot belly male on the ground, opened their mouths, and looked at the purple black void that suddenly appeared in the sky.

Ye Feng was unafraid, and even a little excited, the Origin Sword in his hand stabbed out of the way, and he was about to pierce the throat of the Temporal Hall Master.

Everyone is heart was full of fear and uncertainty, especially Mu Hongjin, the dean of Jihuo Academy, who was also cut off by Ye Feng.

Who Come on Who said that Qiu Gu was originally smiling and wanted to see how Ye Feng handled the situation in front of him, but when he heard such a sentence suddenly, he could not help being furious.

Come with us, Lord Xuanyuan needs your life.You d better cooperate a little, so as not to suffer Shi Yicha on the right said coldly, the steel knife in his hand swayed, showing a merciless threat.

Duan Jian thought about it for a moment, and sighed slightly If you had come t5 diet pills side effects a few days earlier, we would still have a few treasures for cultivating metallic spiritual energy, but now, they are completely gone.

His sharp tone swept the faces of these people fiercely, and said extremely domineeringly This girl, I cover it Those who do not agree, come to me Everyone looked at each other.

Everyone is understanding of the Nine Great Dao is different, and the consequences are different.

Dai Yanhe was a little panicked in his heart, but more jealous.Flying against the sky When did it become so cheap The main thing is that it is okay to fly by himself, but he still plays group ascension, which really makes Dai Yanhe uncomfortable.

There is no way to carry out the next test in such a scenario.What else can I do If you shout and stand up, you most effective fat burner for men can become a student of my Extreme Fire Academy.

Ye Feng is figure paused slightly, and how to lose weight in your forties female the Origin Sword directly unsheathed, swiping through the uncondensed time and space, making it like a crystal glass ball, quickly shattered and withered.

There was a hideous and terrifying smile on the black beast is face, and the sharp white teeth were as sharp as a small dagger.

Ye Feng looked at the King Kong puppet coming like thunder and smiled Is kabocha squash good for weight loss .

  1. pills to lose weight
  2. drugs that make you lose weight
  3. how to lose weight after pregnancy
  4. how to lose weight in a week
  5. simpli acv keto gummies shark tank

How did kelly osbourne lose so much weight coldly.

Time predator Ye Feng had never heard of the name of this beast, but this did not prevent How to lose weight with a slow metabolism .

How to make yourself sick to lose weight & african mango diet pills side effects

priceline pharmacy weight loss pills

Does diet soda slow down weight loss him from helping Shi Xinyi.

A lake.The originally calm lake surface was hit by several energy beams, setting off a monstrous wave column.

Zhuge Liang dared to guarantee that as long as he thought about it like this, the Void King would probably turn himself into a scum in an instant.

What is going on The two people in charge of patrol were the first to notice the abnormality, and rushed african mango diet pills side effects in with energy rifles.

But you are only greedy for my body Bah, you are asshole Okay, let is see. In fact, he did not.Although Ye Feng is attitude is gentle and makes people feel approachable, the little boy still has a fear of Ye Feng is aristocratic status.

If Ye Feng can get the ring, he will be able to go out with Ye Feng. He does not want Ye Feng to be hindered in such a place.Vice Admiral Huo Lei glanced at Zhuge Liang casually, Maza, you are just a small void messenger, and you rely on some bugs to fight.

He now needs to quickly rush to the continental barrier of Ruijin Continent and leave the polar soil continent.

Ye Feng said simply, but there was one more thing he did not say.If you want to shoot a light and shadow arrow that can pull the powerhouse like the master of time and space into the two dimensional space of light and shadow, the diet pills review female network amount of light and shadow energy is simply enormous.

Attack Everyone raised the barrels one after another and fired energy cannons frantically at a silent forest.

This group of people is just like cowhide candy. It can not be thrown away, and it is hard to kill. I am not afraid of one or two.It is just a bunch of more than 300 people together, which is comparable to the bombardment of the energy cannon of the Immortal King.

What Do you have a solution Shi Qianfeng looked at Ye Feng. Ye Feng looked at Shi Qianfeng and smiled.But, I need you to send me excess stomach fat into the holy city Make me a saint no problem Shi Qianfeng smiled confidently.

For people from Yanhe Village to join in, Ye Feng is of course happy, and even very welcome.

Occasionally, he dared to speak out a few words against the Master of Time and Space.

Since the ranking has been set, we will distribute the land according to this ranking later.

The teeth in the Tu Qilin is mouth are sharp, and each tooth is a sharp knife.

This killing intent made his muscles uncontrollably tremble, but he was restrained abruptly, and he almost buried his head in the into the ground.

Ye Feng smiled and stretched out his hand. A touch of space immortal energy is wrapped around his hand.Although it is not much, it is completely possible to open a space door here.

Taoyuan and Wuming have strong bodies and their own unique means.Although they have knocked down the attacks of the Templar Legion again and https://doctor.webmd.com/practice/metabolic-weight-loss-centers-c269b280-4f0c-40de-84aa-ae273da80a7b again, they also have a lot of wounds on their bodies, and there are many wounds and blood.

Do not worry, the soldiers will block the water and cover the soil, just a few warships Ye Feng waved the ship under his feet into the wrist wheel, looked at the battleship in front of him and said with a smile.

Beside Ye Feng, Lao coconut oil lose weight Xi, Yan Lianshi and african mango diet pills side effects their realms were rising. Ye Feng here is as calm as the sea, without waves.This caused the wizard 900 Calories a day weight loss calculator .

Is bay leaf water good for weight loss ?

How to lose weight fast for apple shape in charge of perfusing Ye Feng to instantly form a large bead of sweat on his forehead.

Ye Feng waved his hand to invite soldiers to pour into the hall and surrounded Rui Xingchen and Rui Nebula.

Although we ran away from the beast king, we also got a lot of skins and bones of the beasts.

Brother Huo You, that guy is body is at the level of a warrior If the three brothers in the warrior realm enter, will they be defeated Wu Yu said with some worry.

There were even a few people who directly used the energy african mango diet pills side effects Can you lose weight fasting for 3 days cannon mounted on their african mango diet pills side effects backs to shoot down Ye Feng and injured him.

He looked at the sky outside, Xuanyuan Fang put down the tea in his hand. Let is go, enter the endless wasteland. Over the endless wasteland, the sky is gloomy.Although it is only separated from Longmen Town by a line, the sky on both sides is completely different, and even the turbulent changes are not the same.

Now that he met here, he naturally could not let it go.Brothers, this girl is very important to me, wait for a while, and after I tie her up, let is go find that damn Ye Feng Yu Binhong bowed his hands to the people around him.

After finally waiting for the vitality of the body to weaken, Kong Routine just wanted to get out, and the space fairy released by Ye Feng moved, which made him raise his eyebrows.

But this time, he behaved well, and first put away the Origin Crystal, and then he started laughing.

Never betray the trust of the young master Sima Zhao nodded in satisfaction.

This is why all the treasures chase like crazy as soon as they feel the breath of Atu.

This is not something that can be compared with a simple formation.If you want to throw treasures to strengthen the formation, that is easy, just throw the treasures into the Five Elements Wheel.

Ye Feng nodded, indicating that he knew.Where do you need to sell the hides of these beasts Ye Feng asked curiously.

After all, in that case, although the power of the Light and Shadow Bow can be maximized, many things cannot be grasped by oneself, and the meridians will also be best way for older ladies to lose weight faintly unbearable because of the ferocity of the Light and Shadow Bow.

Ye Feng calmed down. A sword fell, and the golden wind was cut open.Master of Space and Time, pick me up Ye Feng dodged behind v3 diet pill suppress appetite the Temporal Hall Master, immortal energy was injected, and the Origin Sword turned into a splendid brilliance and stabbed the back of the Temporal Hall Master.

I still have to find other ways to obtain the spiritual energy of cultivation Ye Feng felt the strength of the five element african mango diet pills side effects wheel space, and once again had a clear judgment on his own strength.

Strange, why do I feel that the breath of the Lord of the country today seems to be heavier than usual.

Ye Feng The Temporal Hall Master was stunned for a moment. Li Yi was overjoyed, and even his originally hunched back straightened up.Hahaha I am sorry, I did not die again, I disappointed you Ye Feng stood on the turret attached to the Five Elements Wheel, and the smile on his face made the Temple Master of Time and Space extremely disgusted.

I do not know why it is suddenly sorted by strength.Lao Xi took out a dry cigarette from his waist and lit it How much weight can lose in a month on keto .

How much do u need to run to lose weight ?

Can you stop keto diet after weight loss for himself with a puzzled look on his face.

Especially for those who were accidentally bitten by the Void Beast, there was a purple black Void aura hovering Best weight loss for men african mango diet pills side effects around the wound, which was difficult to disperse, so that the wound could not be healed.

Ye Feng still vomited blood from the palm of his hand.He felt that the muscles in his whole body were faintly torn, and blood was protruding from his whole body.

Some people in the crowd talked a lot, and a lot of people mocked Ye Feng loudly.

Brothers The fifteenth Immortal King said in a deep voice We were originally the dead souls on the battlefield, and it was a coincidence that we lived in this form for more than ten million years.

Dean Shengming Bu Juxian was overjoyed.But the dean is next sentence made him fall into an ice cave Since the reward and punishment are to be clearly defined, then the two of you will receive the punishment for the fight later.

But in the eyes of all sand people, this lime and coffee to lose weight scene is tantamount to https://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/ss/lose-baby-weight-slideshow a demon Opening his eyes, Ye Feng swept his sharp eyes to Captain Sandman and snorted coldly.

If you rummage through your memory, you might as well go directly to someone and ask.

If you have any hidden cards, let me use them Rantian Wuzun roared angrily, and the corners of his mouth had already spurted blood.

If you want to Best liquid protein shake for weight loss .

Best diet for pcos weight loss vegetarian ?

How does baking soda help lose weight say carrying a sea of fire and a african mango diet pills side effects mountain of knives, who has not walked through the scene Among them, there are many people who have relaxed, but they are really unable to do such a scene when all the elders are begging to accept their apprentices.

Well, if it were not for this, he would not be able to have such a powerful power, and he also said that when he gets the time space hourglass, he will definitely let us watch him leave Kong Taiqing exerted a little force, and the ground under his feet shattered with a bang.

The cultivated Earth Element Spiritual Qi is more What exercises burn belly fat in 2 weeks capable of carrying other Spiritual Qi than other Earth Element Treasures, improving the overall Spiritual Qi fusion degree All eyes are bright and straight.

Rui squats to lose weight Xingyun kept staring at Yu Kuangshan, until when he suppressed his spirit and made him tremble, Rui Xingyun withdrew his gaze and snorted coldly Well, you are nothing more than my person, find someone Chances are it kills him.

Lao Xi could only straighten his chest, and https://www.webmd.com/diet/features/the-truth-about-hgh-for-weight-loss with a few warriors with knives behind him, as well as more than 200 women and children in Yanxi Village, hurriedly left through the gap surrounded by wild beasts.

What is this sound Shi Fang walked out of the house.Warning bell Hurry up, get ready for defense Sometimes predators attack Shi Tiangang responded in time, and quickly erected fortifications.

A pale golden giant sword that covered the entire battlefield sky, released the mighty divine power.

Okay, I think you came all the way to Canghuo, not because of this kind of trivial matter.

I will put you in my space first and african mango diet pills side effects let you out after I solve them. Shuisiliu suddenly felt a little lost.Hearing Shuisiliu is agreement, Ye Feng put Shuisiliu in the wrist wheel without hesitation, and the whole person flashed briskly in the intertwined mesh of energy cannons.

Ye Feng is voice gradually jumped, and it plunged into the hearts of those elders as sharp as a sword.

Tsk, sometimes people do not force How much should I run to lose weight a day .

How to dramatically lose weight in a month ?

How to lose the most weight on phentermine themselves to do that, they never know how good they can be.

Wu Zun is breath.There is only one Wu Zun in the Ruijin Continent, and that is the Ruijin King.

Although this would consume a lot of divine soul, and would cause a any new diet pills on the market strong counterattack from the will of the people who were taken from the sand, it had to be said that in this case, it was always safer to have a body than to fight with a divine soul.

I lick, I lick, can you let me down first Ames was floated in the air by Ye Feng is repeated beatings.

Zhang Ming is also quite authoritative among these people, and immediately agreed.

Although he already had a lean start keto near me conclusion in his heart, Dai Yanhe was unwilling to admit that conclusion.

Fourth Prince Anlus, how can you trespass into other people is camps and even insult the soldiers At this moment, a sweet and serious voice came from the side.

A black door suddenly opened. Xuanyuan Yihao walked out of the room with a brisk expression. There were already a large circle of Xuanyuan people outside.Patriarch, what did the hall master say The elders of the Xuanyuan clan all crowded poop more when losing weight in front of Xuanyuan Yihao.

Oh, time, let me tell you, what is the real sand people, the real sand people, will not give in, and will not ask the humble outsider for perfection When Du Sheng stretched out his fist, it smashed at Ye Feng like a wind and thunder.

Others also looked anxious.These people have mobilized all their strength, just to prevent Ye Feng from going deeper.

The huge pain caused Ah Yi, who was awake, to faint, and Ah Er and Ye Yuhuo, who had fainted before, regained consciousness.

His outstretched palm was as big as a palm fan, so Yumo could only rely on the advantage of small size to entangle him with speed.

Ye Feng was taken aback, this feeling was unprecedented.Brother what are you doing Lu Sandao followed behind Ye Feng like a little girl, and Ye Feng could not help but look sideways at his coy appearance.

But King Ruijin was the person he most admired besides Jin Mao.A casual remark from a respected person is enough to cause extreme pressure on him.

After so long, he was finally released As soon as it african mango diet pills side effects came out, Bai Gu directly released the life path immortal energy on his body, and collided with the Void King fiercely.

There was a little purple light in the center of the sphere, flickering on and off.

Who are you Zhuge Liang stared nervously at the knife on his neck.Although his nervous forehead was sweating, he still maintained a cold expression.

Death, but after all, there is still a chance of life, I hope to cut off their chance of life, so that they will never be able to harm the source world Ye Feng and Meng Jia what is a fast way to lose belly fat raised their eyebrows.

Fall The red clouds that filled the sky smashed into the colone diet pills ground heavily, submerging Qiu Gu and Cangshui Temple.

Give you a chance call ford pills weight loss your subordinates now, hurry up, there is still time.

At this moment, they suddenly felt a wave of fluctuations in the entire secret space.

Fortunately, he was well prepared.Hehe, boy, just because you want to fight me Xuanyuan Yifang looked at Ye Feng is fist, and smiled disdainfully.

But the current practice of the Space Time Temple is undoubtedly to remove the origin of the world from the beliefs of all worlds and Is palm jaggery good for weight loss .

How to lose weight with breastfeeding ?

How much weight can I lose after delivery replace the position of the origin of the world Li Yi was completely stunned by what Ye Feng said.

Observed. This Zhuge family is really obsessed with puppet mechas. The 800 meter high mechas have exhausted the strength of the whole family. It is no wonder that they will be annexed by the Sima family later.But they were clever enough to take away the key to activate the giant fortress in time, but it was miserable.

Especially Li Wanran and Li Ao.It is a joke, if the things that the ancestor Li Yi personally ordered, if this is done, they are simply ashamed of the name of the descendants of the Li family.

If he was wrong, Siyuan Realm would have exploded long ago.What went wrong in that place Ye Feng stared at the two color Chaos Ring in his hand, bloodshot in his eyes.

There were obvious signs of struggle on the face of the second Immortal King.

Today, you must die.Ye Feng slowly recovered from his anger, and the whole person became really cold and ruthless.

She is the most hated.Kazhuo looked at Ye Feng with a hint of impatience in his eyes, but the necessary courtesy was still not lacking.

In the deepest part of the white Pure Land of Bliss, there is a large earth yellow land.

Tsk, since you do not have much value, then just die.Ye Feng was in no interest, and directly sentenced the two people in front african mango diet pills side effects of him to death.

I will lose weight journey make a big fork Feeling the surging aura like a tide, Ye Feng suddenly became angry in his heart.

The companion next to him slapped his head fiercely There are so many treasures, you do not care what happened to them, just rush to me As long as we catch up and grab any of them, we will be prosperous.

Ye Feng stared at Rui Nebula.As the Immortal King of the Source Realm, he has experienced countless african mango diet pills side effects people is hearts, but just at a glance, he can see the murderous intention of Rui Xingyun that has been hidden in Rui how long does it take to start burning fat Xingyun is heart tummy fat loss tips for a long time.

Ye Feng and Meng Ji used the Origin Sword and Wuliang Dao to block the lasers around them.

All the rubble trembled slightly, then became violent, and an outrageously ferocious aura slowly emanated from the ruins.

The barrier shattered the moment the Temporal Hall Master dropped his finger.

Ye Feng and the people in the holy city looked at each other from a distance, lonely but powerful.

Li Yi, you are going to fail again.The Master of Space and Time looked at the battlefield below and sneered at Li Yi.

After arriving at the outpost, Shi Qianfeng did not wait for everyone to fix it, and directly issued another pioneering task to Ye Feng and the others Investigate the enemy.

However, under the influence of the surrounding fire, Wu Mengyu african mango diet pills side effects was still scratched in many places by the sharp knife.

When he was at the door, Ye Feng raised his hand gently, and Sima Qian firmly held a Origin Crystal in his hand.

Li Yi fulfilled his promise, went to the restaurant with Ye Feng to get a few thousand jars of wine, and added a lot of meat, which made Ye Feng is heart african mango diet pills side effects how many crunches a day to burn belly fat a lot more stable, and also made many people realize that Ye Feng is actually a Foodie facts.

Otherwise do you think, how did I find the shadow space where the fragments are located Hurry up Is musclepharm combat good for weight loss .

How much weight do you lose running 2 miles & african mango diet pills side effects

best keto diet pills to take

Best macros for weight loss calculator and install it, I do not want to die here I have not caught up with Liu Xi, I absolutely can not die here Wuming gritted his teeth and said.

However, I hope you do not tell the Void Clan about this, Zhuge Liang sincerely requested The Void Clan is greedy and impermanent, and the Void Energy will make them devour everything, although giving up their Void Energy is equivalent to them.

Have the idea.Ye Feng humbly bowed his head to the Void King, hiding his emotions by the way.

Second prince What is this piece of trash going to the Void african mango diet pills side effects Air Corps for The people around were whispering.

At this moment, the subordinate is chest was agitated for a while, followed by a shrill scream, a black and purple void beast, with viscous mucus, ripped open the subordinate is body, like a black and purple The awl stabbed at Sima Li.

Five Elements Immortal Energy.If you want it to be completely transformed into a real immortal energy, you still need to smelt the source of mad wood and the source of blue fire.

And now in the entire Shiyuan Great World, only one person can meet our requirements When the Master of All Things heard the words of the Master of Space and Time, super slim pomegranate diet pills uk he could not help frowning.

If you can find it with your light and shadow fairy, who does not even have a clue, I d better find a beautiful scenery earlier.

On the polar continent, anything can happen.Who are these people Ye Feng looked african mango diet pills side effects at how to lose moobs and belly fat the malicious people who rushed over, the gun in his hand was about to move.

Listening to Li Yi is simple description, Ye Feng could not help but be speechless.

Then let me see how much you have grown african mango diet pills side effects as a little brat Kang Qianjun is Heavenly Hammer turned into a hammer shadow in the sky.

Lift african mango diet pills side effects Green healthy juice for weight loss up, and then pull yourself out again. The younger brothers next to him have already been killed.When Ye Feng caught Shi Plundering Beast King for the 121st time, there was no anger offended by Ye Feng, but endless panic.

Get angry Just be angry. An angry waste is not a waste.Void Air Regiment, where is the battalion commander of the 386th Battalion Just when Ye Feng was thinking about the problem, a messenger came over and assigned a task to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng took one more look at King Ruijin.Originally, Ye Feng wanted to cut off the Yuan Ci sword, but 2 day fast weight loss results after thinking about it, this Yuan Ci knife carries a lot of power of the Ruijin King.

The battle is set, and Sand Heart City wins The servant of the gods looked at Weng Yun in his hand, and then at Ye Feng, after thinking about it, he already had a plan.

He could only hide in secret and watch Ye Feng is handsome how many pounds to lose inches shot to deal with the beast that appeared in the distance.

A layer of silver metallic aura appeared directly on the blade, which greatly improved Yu Kuangshan is saber in terms of length, width, and sharpness.

Hit You are ready to die The master of the Palace of Everything looked at Jiang Haoyu is sneer, and pointed to the sky.

Look, my strength is enough, right Ye Feng tried his best to output his power.

Shi Fang and Shi Zhou quickly helped stabilize Shi Tiangang is alli diet pills buy online figure.Shi Tiangang let out a sullen breath that had accumulated in his chest, and looked at How to lose weight without a trainer .

Is it normal to hit a weight loss plateau ?

How to lose belly and chest fat fast Ye Feng solemnly.

Let is start quickly. Ye Feng urged.Hua Yunbai on the side and his subordinates Feng Slave and Electric Slave have already fought against Rui Xingchen.

The sky was dark. Only the space where Ye Feng was in was bright. Backtracking in space, rewinding time.This is the power of the time space hourglass Ye Feng was terrified, and a faint excitement surged in his heart.

Something she likes. Thank you, Brother Tiangang Shi Xinyi smiled sweetly to Shi Tiangang. Yo, no wonder my father always told me to come out and walk around.I opened the door and came out to see that I found a superb product An obscene voice made no secret of his words, conveying the meaning of his own thoughts to the surrounding.

This makes Yu Binhong very annoyed and tangled when he sees Ye Feng now. Ye Feng glanced at Yu Binhong and the others lightly.Yu Binhong shouted angrily What are you looking at You have fallen to this point, do you think you can leave this place Quietly wait to die Sorry, I can indeed leave.

At the same time, Ye Feng also noticed that these people displayed the dual characteristics of light and shadow at the same time.

Now he does not want to get the time space hourglass quickly, and he has a kind of irritable irritability about the obstacles in front ultra shave diet pills of him.

He is not from the polar continent, and of course he does not care about the operation of returning the soul to the holy mountain.

If there is a loophole in the space of the secret realm, none of us can survive Zhang Ming looked at Ye Feng angrily.

Ye Feng was a little speechless.The second Immortal King looked at Ye Feng carelessly There is no need to tangle so much, the eighteen of us have been together for so many years, and we can already be regarded as one existence.

Of course, this is also because Ye Feng is special, and has both african mango diet pills side effects time diet pills review female network and space immortal energy.

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