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Today we have another man of God who will be sharing with us his Faith and Marital experience. How he manages his home and ministry with total trust in God


Topic: The Journey of Faith

The Journey of Faith in Marriage and Ministry: Building a Happy Home and Making Impact in Ministry with Total Trust in God.

You Welcome sir


✋🏼👮🏼 I am PVO.

I am a brother in Christ.

I greet everyone in Jesus name.


Sir, What is your Your own Understanding of Faith?


Okay, so the first question is, what is my own understanding of faith? I’m so happy that you assume my own understanding of faith, which may be subjective, though. Well, my own understanding of faith. The word F a I. The Age is believing what God said about himself and about me. Against all odds. In other words, when the situation around me is saying the opposite, I would choose to believe what God said about me.

That is what I understand. That faith is now, if we go to the Bible is said, that is the evidence of something that we have not seen. You know, you have not seen it, you know. And I mean, faith is the evidence of that, which you are not. It’s not like positive confession. No, faith is based on the word of God. Remove the word of God. There is nothing like faith. So it is believe in the word of God as deep bedrock, against every or that thing that may be contrary.

That is my understanding of faith. Thank you and God bless.


Have you ever question if you are a believer at all? What causes you the most doubt, and when?


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