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Why People Change After Wedding?

Why People Change After Wedding

Why People Change After Wedding? A Lecture and Marital Experience By Pastor Tope Farotika on Original Plan Whatsapp and Instagram Host: Today is a unique session, as we have a man of God who will be sharing with us on an important topic: Why People Change After Wedding” Pastor Tope: I have been asked to […]

Marital Experience Mr/Mrs. Owoeye

Marital Experience Mr and Mrs. Owoeye

Marital Experience of Mr and Mrs. Joseph Owoeye Presenter: Oluwafemi Ezekiel Presenter: Join me and welcome Mr and Mrs Abayomi Owoeye to the Original Plan Online interview Platform Presenter: Mr. Owoeye, How did you meet your wife? Mr. Owoeye: We have known ourselves for long…lived in same neighborhood, attended the same church. We were in […]

Faith Experience Interview With KSO

Faith Experience Interview With KSO

Faith Experience of Evangelist Kolade Segun Okeowo. Presenter: Oluwafemi Ezekiel   Presenter:  What is your own Understanding of Faith sir   KSO: From personal definition, faith is the ability to see what others are not seeing. Faith is the strength to believe that what you have conceived is possible and achievable!!! However, we must have […]